Jamall Johnson

Yes, because we all know that the award should be given out based on one game. :roll:

Has anyone said that Stewart is not a great player?? But you'd have to be a complete homer NOT to recognize that at this point, JJ at least makes a good argument for the award.

Borehamgirl, with all due respect to you (one of the most reasonable and intelligent posters on this board),in my very humble opinion....there is no argument to be made at this point. Anwar Stewart has been game in and game out, the best defensive player on by far the best defensive team in the league.

If JJ is second |(theres a strong argument to be made for that) it's certainly a distant second.

As far as being a homer, I guess it's guilty as charged, but I don't see anyone beating out Anwar this year....

Me too. So maybe he'll finally flipping retire already.

AlsForever, you will someday come to the idea that Anwar Stewart is a part of a very excellent defensive team, and gets "featured" in his plays and tackle counts. Someday, the Als will fall from their lofty perch (we have seen this before) and struggle, but I digress.

Jamall is a comparative newcomer to the Cats and the League, and is a part of our rebuilding process, courtesy of our very astuit GM, Bob OB, and has to work through getting the team together...his (Jamall's) stats on tackles and such are very credible under such circumstance and it would behoove you to give him that respect. I don't doubt that any other team in the League would hire him, and that we will need to keep a tight watch on his contract, lest the NFL scouts see a place for him in their overpaid league.

Just curious how often has Anwar Stewart won defensive player off the week honours

Where exactly did I disrespect him? There is no shame to being second to Anwar....

JJ has had a good season, and with the exception of his very weak performance on Friday, he certainly has played like an all star.


Als4Ever, his performance on Friday was not "very weak", and such is my argument.

The Team's performance was "LOUSY", and Jamall's was somewhere near "GREAT", admittedly the Larks shone in every aspect of the game in our own park, causing Jamall to have to be "all over the field". Give the guy the respect he deserves for playing an outstanding game as an individual, where his teamates did not, or perhapsthe offensive/defensive gameplans were not up to scratch.

If the shoe were on the other foot, I'm sure you would be crowing about how well such an individuale played, and when the Cats are faced off with the Larks in the finals, I am quite sure that your team will be "gameplanning" against him...


Great isn't quite the word I would use....if you can, check out the game on your PVR. you will see that Cobourne and later Carter ran around and through JJ all game lomg. Most of his taccles came after long gains were made. Floyd was even worse.

Look at thre tapes and then we will talk....

Clearly coming on here your going to have a bias opinion! why argue? I personally wouldn't trade A.S for J.J.
A.S is 5 years older then Mr JJ.
And if anything Ricky Foley on B.C has more SACKS and tackles then A.S. AND is also 5 years younger!
There is no denying is he a WICKED D. player but coming on here is like I said pointless!

Actually I didn't start this....lol

We are all entitled to our opinion...

You're right, every one is entitled to their opinion even if it's out in left field.

I guess we will find out who is out in left field once the awards have been handed out.....

Maybe we both will be wrong...

It's quite possible. . . there will be some good candidates from the western conference (Steve Baggs comes to mind).

Baggs would certainly be a frontrunner, he is having a great year...but this thread basically started discussing the eastern representative for Defensive Player of the Year.

I just can't figure out how anyone can consider anyone an outstanding player candidate who plays on a defense that is in the bottom three of almost EVERY defensive stat category that there is...

One of the best ways of evaluating an LB's performance is by looking at run D stats...133 ypg average, second worst in the league, this week some people thought that he was great after he got 12 tackles, most of which followed Avon running through or around him. For crying out loud, the Als ran close to 300 yds and ran 75 offensive plays so 12 tackles ain't that great! I would venture a guess that with those kind od stats, somebody had a bad game out there!!!!!

Like it or not 12 tackles in any game is a great stat.

Jamall was today named runner-up for the CFL Defensive Player of the Month (September) Award.
And, the winner is -- Otis Floyd!
Congrats to both.