Jamall Johnson

Look's like JJ is almost near the century mark for tackles. Currently at 82, I say 3 more games till he breaks into the triple digits.

He's a gamer, no question.

Where was #28 against Montreal, It looked like Sandy Beverage was playing MLB and Safety :oops:

Where was he? Making 11 tackles and forcing a fumble!

He was all over the field as far as i could see , make a tackle on one side of the field then the next play on the other side . He is having an Defensive MVP type of season and if he isnt the East nominee i will be VERY surprised !!!!

All over the field; explains why the Als gained 535 gross yards. No big deal if you tackle once a runner or receiver has gained the first down. The Als had 36 first downs. Defensively, Hamilton ranks 7th in net yards allowed; only Edmonton is worse.


Yes and that is completely Johnson's fault. :roll: JJ is a beast and a great competitor and once all the dust settles after that whooping, people will start to realize that it isn't the end of the world.

Clearly the LB Corps is the strength of the Hamilton defence. Knowlton, Johnson, and Floyd.

Secondary is good. . . not great, but good. . . the D line is still a work in progress. . . but that LB corps is among the league's best in my opinion.

Full marks go to Obie. . . for making the deal to acquire Knowlton, and for picking up Floyd and Johnson as F/As.

The dline will be fine once McIntyre and Adams are back

I'm not sure Floyd is the answer at MLB, but it's kind of hard to take him out when he keeps the defense as fired up as he does. I think everyone just showed up flat against montreal. It wasn't a real barometer of ability.

How you can even mention the words "defence and MVP" in the same sentence after the butt kicking that Als laid on the cats defence???? Have you forgotten about Anwar Stewart????

Yeah he made 12 tackles but thats only cause the Als ran about 75 plays and JJ had plenty of chances.

Once again, some Cat fans are living in the world of make believe. The next thing you will tell me is that when you wear your foam corn hat, that Cobb becomes the best RB in the league!.

Yeah I forgot, every single Alouette deserves an award this year, the Al's will win a grey cup after going 1-5 in their last grey cup appearences. The al's weren't amazingly dominant on Friday, the Cat's were off and the Al's were on simple as that. The cat's gift wrapped the ball for them several times, who wouldn't destroy them after stupidity like that? The Al's are good but they ALWAYS choke in the later half of the season and lose in the grey cup.

Maybe but that's better than winning 15 games over 3 and a half seasons.

Only here can a Defence give up 42 points, about 35 first downs, 300 yds rushing, and about 600 yds offense, and claim that one of their players was going to be POY. I suggest you re-watch the game on your PVR and watch Cobourne Run over and around your POY all game long.

BTW...the Als dominated offensively, defensively and special teams. They gave up a penalty assisted TD in a game that was already lost, or else it would have been 8 quarters this year without giving up a TD to the Cats.

That sounds pretty amazing to me.

The Als may have been the better team, but that doesn't mean Jamall Johnson isn't a great player. I would go out on a limb to say he is the best individual defensive player in the league right now. The Als may be better as a unit, but I believe he is better than any one player on any defense in the league.

What is great about sports is that success is cyclical and although the Als are very talented to-day that will not hold true in the future one day and mark my words they will come up lame just like they did in the past and infact the Montreal franchise even folded when times were tough. What we in Hamilton can boast about is that we never gave up and folded like the Als did.

Wow......that is pretty intense.

Trust me, if Caretaker had not shown up a few years back, the Cats would have folded as well...

No just a fact. I would like to see Calvillo win the big one this year though (if we don't make it there).

P.S. No can't trust you on that, pure speculation only. The Cats would have found a way to survive, we have nine lives remember!

Ans we have used 8.5 of them...

But still alive - kicking & scratching FOR 135 YEARS!