Jamall Johnson

Is this guy a frickin animal or what? The guy was on the Tigervision for making the plays the whole night. Anyone have his stats from tonight?

J. JOHNSON 8 0 0 0

He led the team in tackles as you can see here: http://liveplay.cflcentral.com/LPFiles/ ... board.html

I have criticized the defence for missing too many tackles. But Johnson sure doesn't seem to be a part of that problem, he's part of the solution to it.

Eight tackles. A few snot dislodgers. :wink:


I would not be suprised if he won Defensive player of the week again :smiley: The guy is an animal out there!!

A total animal. He’s great.

One of best Pick ups this year :thup:

Another excellent game by Jamall Johnson. He played all-star calibre football during the first half of the 2009 CFL season and, barring injury, he should continue to do so for the second half of the season and hopefully into the playoffs.

He was single handedly responsible for 2 Argo 2 and outs in the 4th quarter today. Absolute animal. :rockin:

This guy is unreal, I love watching him play! He's a champ forsure.

Lol I almost feel bad for who has the ball in JJ's area lol ALMOST

Off-topic but this is my thread anyways, but man was Jykine Bradley laying some wood on the Argo's tonight or what? Every hit of his almost was a crushing hit. Love watching this guy trash people :rockin:

Also, I would like to congratulate Bo Smith on his first CFL interception, it couldn't have come at a better time against a better team, congrats!! :cowboy:

simple and so true talk about a anchor .

JJ has saved us from giving up large plays a number of times for sure.

Can you imagine BC letting this guy get away. :frowning:

I think he is the best pick-up this year. No offense 2 AB3,Cobb,Glenn + others ; their has been alot of great additions. But Jamall Johnson is a beast.

I have NO IDEA how B.C. could've let this guy walk but I'm happy they did.

Bradley continues to be our best corner. Every year he starts as a second stringer and the coach eventually notches him up to first.

I don't get it.

This guy is great. I can wear my #28 jersey (that i bought last year for some reason :oops: ) with pride. :slight_smile:

I have seen a guy tape over the Lum and put Johnson haha

Johnson is the best LB Hamilton has had since Ben Zambiasi IMO. I think it was mentioned yesterday that he could be the nominee for defensive player of the year in the East.
You can start to see Obie's finger prints on this team starting to take shape. Unfortunately for the Argos.

Johnson/Floyd are the best since Tiggle/McGriggs.