Jamall Johnson A Lion !!

8) TSN has just reported that former TiCat LB, Jamall Johnson has signed with the BC Lions.
   This is actually the first free agent that the Lions have been able to sign so far !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

And he was a former BC Lion at that !

Once a cat always a cat? :wink:


Good luck JJ. I wish you all the best. You certainly had a terrific time in the hammer. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Good for JJ. I believe his family is in BC so he is now back home.

Nice. :thup:

It just happens that Butler number was #28 same as JJ’s. All the best to JJ out west. :cowboy:

Not surprised. The writing was on the wall. One of my favourites. We'll miss you JJ.
You did everything asked of you and more. I sure hope Bowman works out.

Or Plesius. It's going to be hard for Steinauer to keep him off the field.

Thank You Jamall, It was great watching you play here as a Tiger-Cat the past four years and I wish you well with the Lion's in B.C. I know you will be near your home and family in Vancouver now, all the best to you.

Actually J.J. was here for 5 years(09-13)And it was great and fun while it lasted watching you play here as a Cat.The Lions have one of the best linebacking crews already in the league,and with your signing it just got a lot better.Looking forward to seeing you BLAST a few QB's and running backs this season as long as they're not wearing "black n gold" that is. :lol: :cowboy: