Jamal Marcus

According to Twitter, DE, Jamal Markus has signed a contract with the Tiger Cats.

Interesting. He was here on the P.R. for a couple weeks, starting in mid July. Did he got injured then? Otherwise, if still interested in him now, you’d have to wonder why he wasn’t kept around last year. The “k” in this thread’s title should be changed to “c.”

Not huge physically but assuming he’s pretty quick to reach this high a level.

Classic “tweener”. Too small to play DE in the NFL but too big to cover at LB here.

At 240 lbs he falls right in line with Tracy 245 lbs and Justin Cap 235 lbs.

Hopefully only his weight is similar to those guys. We need an upgrade at that position.

Questioning Tracy is rare in these here parts.

I will try, 8 sacks in the last 7 games in 2017. Big things expected for 2018.

3 sacks in his other 21 games the last 2 seasons. If you are judging a DE by his sacks it appears that AT might be done as a productive DE.

Judge him by his 8 sacks in 7 games or 10 sacks in his other 43 career games.

I’ve liked Tracy’s effort and execution, I think he could break out some more sacks with a more aggressive defense.

I don’t want him executed, just light a fire under him a bit :slight_smile:

I’m reminded of Coach John McKay’s answer to the question : “What do you think of your team’s execution ?” To which McKay replied , “I’m in favour of it”.

Pat Lynch (the old person)

LOL, another I associate with Coach McKay is
We can’t win at Home and we can’t win on the Road.

And I can’t figure out anywhere else to play.

Very little rush from the defensive ends last year. This needs to change
because the defensive backs are left out to dry. I’m hoping they find some monsters to push the current group.