Jamal Johnson's hit on the Winnipeg QB

JJ's hit on Pierce has to be one the best hits I have seen in a very long time. Text book.....no head shot, just a hard hit. Somebody missed an assignment?

It was a great hit. One of the best in the last couple years.

Didn't seem like a missed assignment. JJ got there really fast because the Ticats had the line overloaded. No one touched him at all. LaPolice blamed Buck for hanging on too long but the hit came before 2 seconds were up it seemed to me.

I really liked the new more aggressive D.

I really thought that hit would be a "game changer". Didn't happen.

Agreed....best hit in a very long time!

A free shot on a quarterback who played just five games in 2010 due to injury.

A shot heard around the CFL.

How could this happen?

For starters, rule out the offensive line in this case. The five linemen can only block five guys, so when a sixth defender creeps up to attack the backfield, as was the case in this instance, you can't point the finger at someone who is already occupied in his block.

Which brings us to the help.

The speculation was that the blown pass protection was the fault of slotback Terence Jeffers-Harris, who many felt should have slid towards the line to assist in the blocking once it was known Hamilton had a numbers advantage. With an empty backfield, some suggested that Jeffers-Harris blew the assignment, allowing Johnson a clear path and a full head of steam to lay a shot on Pierce's unsuspecting chest.

Not the case, according to Paul LaPolice.The head coach also threw cold water on the suggestion a receiver (rookie slotback Perry Floyd) ran the wrong route, which caused Pierce to hesitate slightly.

That leaves one person: Pierce himself.

"The ball has got to be out of his hand. He's just got to throw it," LaPolice said moments after touching down at James Richardson International airport Saturday. "When I watched it (live), I thought we weren't in the right spot. I think we were (in the right spot), now that I've seen it on film. You just can't hold the ball. Buck has usually been real good with that."

Read more: http://www.globalwinnipeg.com/sports/He ... z1RNt8fLJ5

Thats Football, Awsome sack!! I like the new agressive D as well!!

Does it top the hit he had on Jyles last year on the 3rd and inches play? Probably, but the one on Jyles was as good as any "textbook tackle" you'll ever see.


I was really hoping it would be a game changer as well :frowning:
The crowd was going crazy after the hit.

It reminds me so much of Jackie Mitchell's hit on Dickenson a few years back; very similar:


That was the best thing about that game. Pierce looked like he was trying to remember the license plate of the truck that hit him. :smiley:

I am shocked Buck Got Up Jamal I thought took his head off ..
His head Slammed into Turf I thought Mr Buck "Turn out the light the party over " Pierce Was done.
since he had a tons problem with Concussions'

That why we loss Dungan cause of all Concussion Threw the years.

Thought JJ's hit and stuff on Steven Jyles third down sneak last season was the hit/defensive play of the year (a play media should have made a fuss over but didn't). But this might be even better.

The only thing that could have made that hit better was for Pierce’s shoes fly off. JJ knocked him back so hard that both his feet flew up off the turf. All I could think of when I saw it was an old cartoon, with the character flying backwards, leaving his shoes on the ground to mark he was.

Well one other thing would have made it better: a win.

That was the most awesome hit I've ever seen in my life. I rewinded and played it back about 7 times!

And in case anyone missed it, we weren't the only ones who thought it was a great hit. It's the #1 Play of the Week on the CFL website.
(go to 3:37, unless you also want to see Young's interception at #7)

And those who want to see that one again (and it's definitely worth it to see it again) can see that on the play starting at 3:05 of this video: http://www.cfl.ca/video/index/id/13377

Was his hit on Jyles or Pierce better? It's close. You make the call.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/article/559803--the-hit-heard-round-the-league]http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/ar ... the-league[/url]

I found this to be a great article. Coach Chamblin's reaction is the best lol. It's nice to see that the coaches can mess with the guys a bit.