Jamal Johnson

Has anyone heard an explanation of what he did on the kickoff running behind their bench for 30 yards and then coming back on the field.

I know the CFL refs are incompetent but not that bad :slight_smile:

That was freakin hilarious!!! I loved it. (Not the penalty part of course.) It's gotta be a first for football anywhere.

Should be at the very least a team fine. A very HEFTY team fine. Totally unprofessional.

a fine for what...

Just imagine if they had ground view vid of this on the Shmo's sideline.....Johnson's 30 yard sprint behind everyone who are oblivious and he grabs a quick gatorade in the process.
Can't say Johnson gives up on a play. Dang, what a HIT he put on at the end. Too bad he got the worse of it.
Still, I think it was classic stuff.
A commercial in the making? ? ? Hmmm

That was the best part of the game as far as I'm concerned lol. I thought it was hilarous in a "what the hell was he thinking" kind of way. Maybe he thought he was pushed out? lol NO WAY IN HELL should he bed fined for that by ANY stretch of the imagination.

I wish sleeper plays were still allowed. Park a guy just inside the sidelines and then throw to him when the defence forgets to pay any attention to him.