Jamal Johnson

does anyone think that he has a chance at winning defensive POY

I think the better question is "Does anyone think he WON'T get Defensive POY" :rockin:

If his last 8 games are as good as his first 10, then yeah, I think he has a very good shot.

He won't get He got to learn to Wrap when he Tackles..
I saw two are 3 times where just Tried to tackle with a Big Hit
He needs to wrap up

Every defensive player will miss a tackle soemtimes.

JJ leads the league in tackles.

Even Beveridge....

I'm an avid fan of Jamal Johnson, but I thought his play in this "one" game was below his usual standard.

The whole team appeared tired to me in Toronto. I think two games in rapid succession is a bad idea.

Fans don't really get what they're paying for.

The game provided a good defensive battle, but for some time, it appeared that Hamilton was trying to give the game away. They were really off their game.

and he didn't make his first appearance until week 2. Just about everybody else behind him has played in every game.