Jamaal Westerman

just wondering who holds his rights? we could use him.

I am not 100% But I think it is BC or Edmonton

who knows these people and who know who holds the rights?

Westerman is not on the draft eligible list for 2008.I think he has one more year of eligibility at Rutgers.He also has a brother on the team.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

I believe Pat that Westerman is an import for CFL purposes. Moved to Canada and played a couple of years high school football, but unfortunately (because of a CFL quirky rule) didn’t live in Canada the minimum 5 years before his 15th birthday.
His younger brother will probably be a non-import though because of the above rules.

These rules make Riall Johnson of the Argos a non-import but his younger brother Teyo Johnson an import because the family moved to the States before Teyo was 5.

I liked the old original rules better, where you were either a Canadian citizen or not.

This another Reason the Non Import Rule has to go.

The non import rule allows a kid from Stoney Creek to dream that when he graduates from McMaster, he has a chance to play the game he loves in the country he loves.If you just want to watch Americans play football,the NFL and the always exciting Arena football are available.
The Canadian Football League should be about Canadians and our Canadian rules.
Pat Lynch (the old Canadian guy in section 7 )