Jalil Carter

I dropped bell fibe tv just recently. Dropped it like a wide open Grigsby :wink:

So I can't pvr anymore. I was at the game so I couldn't exactly see how Carter did. And unfortunately you only really notice when it's a bad play cough cough outta position on the TD pass to McDaniels cough** or a good play such as int. which didn't happen cough cough See McDaniels td cough :lol:

Anyways was wondering if anyone watching on tv or re watched the game and noticed how Jalil did..

I'm still thinking he was sent by the Argos to destroy us. The failed attempt at the nfl was all part of the sinister plan thought up by Scotty..

Scott Milanovich not Dr Evils son Scotty.

Any info on Mr Carters first game would be great


I rewatched the game last night and didn't notice him much.
Except that he had a good chance to recover Banks' fumble and didn't.

I don't remember noticing him much. But for DBs, that's often an indication that they're playing well, to the point that the QB seldom throws it to the player / area the DB is covering.

ok thanks

he was huge though, I thought he played LB when I saw him in uniform.

I notice the substitutions more live at the game than on TV.

They used him in the same way they often use their extra DB.
Substitute him in for Harris but play him at Stephen's field corner spot, move Butler up to Harris' LB spot, and move Stephen over to safety.

But as for actual play, nothing notable, which as CFiO says, can be a good thing.