Jalen Saunders

does anyone know what is going on with Jalen saunders

Mike Ganter's article found here:


Jones’ run-and-shoot offence has been the perfect fit for not just Masoli but under-sized receivers in Jalen Saunders, who is back for Monday’s game after sitting out the win over Edmonton and Luke Tasker who has been a steady contributor to the Hamilton offence since he got here in 2013 and has just continued to produce even after the coaching and quarterbacking changes.

Article received confirmation from JJ's presser this afternoon.

oh, and for the JJ haters, love this comment:

There was no hangover from that terrible start as the Ticats immediately put the Kent Austin regime behind them and wholeheartedly bought into what Jones was selling. For Jones the learning curve has been steep, which sounds ridiculous for a man with his football pedigree. He’s not only coached at every significant professional level in North America he has been among the most innovative when it comes to trying new things on offence.

but what was wrong with saunders

Ok so you atate one person’s views about JJ. So what? I don’t think he is all that is said about hom. Hasn’t shown a thing yet!

Is he not playing this weekend? I have him in my fantasy pool, I thought he was good to go, NO?

Sorry, I don't speak drunk.

Fresh off holidays Drew Edwards has immersed himself in why Manziel, the guy he said we all talked too much about, isn't being made available to media.

It says in the above Toronto Sun article that Saunders is back on Monday for the Labour Day game.

Practice schedule for the long weekend

Yesterday was a conditioning day doing wind sprints on a hot field and probably meetings.

Today is an off day and then practice Thursday, Friday and Saturday, walkthru on Sunday

We will know more about our roster on Thursday

Can he not send someone with a Hamilton phone number a text to find out what's going on with our best receiver?

To your point all he seems to care about is Manziel not being available to the media.... Even says he spoke to the league about the situation. Seriously?

  1. Did you not even bother to read the article ??

Your answer lies there !! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

  1. A reported groin injury !!

If our Oline can give Masoli some time, should be a fun game with Saunders, speedy, Tasker and Jones.
Hopefully we’ll continue to run the ball as well as last week.

No excuses to lose now…these 2 are must wins. We will not make the playoffs as a third place team in the east.

Pretty sure he’s gonna play, at least according to June in his presser the other day.

I hope Ganter's got it right. But, his article is the ONLY mention of Saunders I've heard / read anywhere. Re-watched JJ's presser and there was no mention of Jalen. In fact, when asked about how the receivers would likely line up on Labour Day, the coach responded "likely as we finished up last week" which I took to mean how they lined up after C. Williams was injured. I heard questions, and answers, about F. Williams (expected back), Tracy (still sore from last game, held out of the Tuesday practice), Leonard (as it stands now, not expected to play this week) and Rolle (will be OK), but not Saunders.

hmmm I was mistaken, no mention on Saunders. Hope he can play.

Does everyone feel their “need to know” outweighs any competitive advantage the team may maintain by keeping the opponent guessing about certain aspects of its roster?

A competitive advantage can be accrued if the opponent does not know which players to prepare for. Fans' curiousity should not outweigh such advantage. Myself, I would prefer less information if it increases the Tabbies odds of sinking the blew team's dinghy. :wink: :slight_smile: :-X

I dropped him for Tasker.