Jalen Saunders signed!

I’m very pleased!


Good news

They didn’t mention the length of the contract. Guessing that means it’s a one-year deal?

Great news. Hopefully he will be ready for most of the season. If not then he will be good to have for the playoff push.

I am glad he is back. I wonder when he will be healthy. I assume he will miss about half of next year. His contract may pay him per games played. I think this will be another good reason for Banks to sign.

Any chance a portion of this contract can be used against the 2018 salary cap?

Great news!

My understanding is that any signing bonus or upfront money paid before Dec. 31 would go on that years cap if any room was available.

The problem is that our exulted Commissioner has deemed that no signing bonus or up front money is to be paid to players ahead of the signing of the new CBA.
So IMHO, the answer is no
He doesn’t want players paid and then have them go on strike.
As expected, The CFLPA is not pleased with this >:(

Hopefully, Banks and Jones will quickly follow Saunders. Kalif Raymond the WR on our neg list looks like a Saunders/Banks clone .

If speed kills then the Cats are moving in the right direction. :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old person)

Wonder Bar ;D ;D ;D ;D

We do need some tall, lanky guys who can get up and fight for those “air balls? that Masoli throws. Speed alone won’t cut it but good to have a few speedsters.

In the worst case scenario - if Saunders cannot get back to form, we have B. Addison, who in my opinion, given some time, will be able to more than replace Saunders in that capacity.

He has shown me enough to believe that he can be a more than capable replacement.

Of course, having both is a bonus, but we play with the cards we are handed…

The Eagle 8) 8) 8)

S J Green seemed to make a good recovery, but certainly Collaros and Tolliver did not. Fantuz was not the same, choosing to retire after a short return. Chris Williams is another, although was it his ACL or achilles the first time? Kinda feels like the odds are stacked against a player getting back to 100% after knee surgery.

I guess Saunders is a bit younger, and also smaller and lighter, so maybe he will recover better, but it has to affect his ability to cut? If he starts the season on the IR, maybe his salary doesn’t count against the cap, until he returns to the game day roster?

It’s probably a bit of a gamble to sign Saunders, but the stakes aren’t so high on our side. If he can’t pass the physical, we’re not on the hook for anything.

If he does recover, even if only to 90% of his previous level, I think he will be great in the June Jones offence. It seems like some guys “get it” and some just don’t, and Jalen got it. Understanding the routes and where he is supposed to be is probably more important than pure speed. Just ask Sinkfield.

Before his injury, I still would have ranked Jalen as our third best receiver behind Speedy and Tasker, but he wasn’t far behind at all. And those guys are league all-stars.

Too lazy to look it up, but prior to his injury, wasn’t Jalen on pace to have a career high in REC yards?

Maybe #3 in our hearts, but I swear he was quietly our #2 (if not actually closely challenging BB for #1).

Also I somewhat remember Marshall Ferguson writing at one point Jalen had the highest completion rate per target.

IMO, this was the most important receiver to keep (moreso than Banks).

Reasearch shows that a 2nd ACL injury is 6 times more likely within the first 24 months after reconstruction. I wonder if a players diminished ability to cut is actually a physical limitation with the repaired knee or instead playing gingerly because of fear of re-injury?

Great post…it’s hard to beat out right speed.

I found all 3 of those guys equally valuable. Banks deep, Saunders intermediate and Tasker short.

In your opinion Expat, what criteria would be used to determine the value or rank of a receiver?

  1. Yardage
  2. of catches

  3. of big plays

  4. of clutch plays (TDs, 2nd down conversions)

Good question. I don’t have formal criteria - really more of a gut feel that stats may or may not capture. You’ve named most of it - big plays, clutch catches, ability to get open, consistency, coming up big at the right time.

The main reason Saunders wasn’t yet at the level of the other two, IMHO, was time served. Both Speedy and Luke have proven themselves over more years. (Even if Speedy was more established as a returner, he has more than proven himself as a big play guy in general.) Jalen only has 6 TD catches in two seasons - but I really did think he was becoming more of a scoring threat this year before he went down.

Agreed, I had also supported Jalen and posed the question as underrated/important he might be.

I think you are in agreement ExPat you are supporting of the signing at the very least.

I’m admittedly convinced he’s a special player. I think this signing is important.

Hi PatLynch , could you please let me know where you get our complete neg list from ?
This Keon Raymond guy seems even smaller than speedyB .

By the way, does anyone know the details of Jalen’s contract ? Is it incentive laden?

Before he got injured, he was arguably our best receiver and on pace to a monster year with a very good catch to passes thrown to him ratio I hope he comes back to full health.

By the way, just wanted to mention that Mike Jones had alot of yards but his catch to passes thrown to him ratio was horrible . This is a very important stat. I know one sure TD hit him in the helmet and another sure td he lost in the sun.
Mike Jones stats are a bit misleading as the ball was thrown to him alot more when we got hit with a rash of injuries. I hope management doesn’t overpay for him.