Jakethesnake needs a hearing aid!

At the Calgary game, I seen Jake and yelled at him, doesn't even turn around so I yell and ask if I can ask if i can have an Argos-you know what, button, and he doesn't turn around, I felt depressed! :lol:

who is jake

the Argos-S.Uck guy

I need more than hearing aid, but you need a button. PM me here and I'll have someone from our merchandising department contact you.

I gave out about 100 of them that night to our followers. Our reach is far and beyond the borders of the Hammer.

Hey Sack Attack, I got buttons for you. PM myself or Jake to arrange pickup at the next home game.

And don't feel depressed; many try to break through the enormous physical and mental barriers that hamper communication with Jake, yet few ever succeed. Here are just 3 examples from Grey Cup when my requests of Jake went similarly unheeded:

(In Winnipeg): "JaketheSnake, stop dumping those Flutie Flakes on people"

(In Ottawa): "JaketheSnake, you're gonna get killed if you keep insisting on shaking hands with strangers, in the rain, on the street at 2:00 am, while wearing a joy buzzer"

(In Edmonton): "JaketheSnake, I don't care if your legs fell asleep, get outta the middle of that highway"