Jake Waters Traded

According to CFL.ca, the Cats have traded Jake Waters to Saskatchewan for a negotiation list player. I guess Golson made an impression.

That, or bad charting, on the sideline, is getting blamed for the team's back-to-back poor performances. :wink:
I guess the 6 weeks before he gets back here, wearing green, will be enough time for him to forget everything he knows about our playbook.

Now maybe they will put Molson Golson on the roster, or has he been signed by the RedBlacks. :cowboy:

They seem to be able to remove them from the roster fast enough, putting them on is much slower operation. :wink:

Might be scary stuff if they are sold on Golson. Lets hope he can shake off his turnover problem he had in the ncaa. Their might be some problem, growing pains with the new off. co ordinator, but Masoli with, what 5 turnovers? etc. He still seems to be having the same problems he always had. Hopefully he will be more patient and protect the ball vrs Montreal. He will be under pressure again.

CFL News ?@CFL_News 2h2 hours ago
B.J. Daniels, WR/QB whose rights #Ticats received from #Riders in exchange for QB Jake Waters, has been released by Chicago Bears. #CFL

Kind of surprised by this pickup. They just acquired Chiles, Sinkfield is out there. They seem to be overloaded with receiving talent, especially on the International side.

I would think they would be more interested in finding a better db.

But then, I don't know what they know.

8) They haven't picked him up at all !!
    They just own his rights on their NEG. list in the CFL, in case he ever decides to play up here !!

     He will more than likely get picked up by another NFL team, even just for a look see.

I think the REDBLACKS have signed some guy named Carling O'Keefe (more in keeping with their COLOURS). :lol: :lol: :lol:

(The above is an attempt at satire and in no way should it be considered accurate information. It was made up information).


Apologies, Tipper.

I was getting ahead of myself.