Jake Maier should replace Bo Levi Mitchell

Fine… tell me what I have wrong and I will correct it

Already pointed out you use two different ways to measure teams…one makes the stamps look better than they are the other makes other teams look like they are all but lucky when they win… You should use the same discerning eye for all teams and you know already you will never do that

that is too general…I need specifics or I can’t help you

Good day and have a good day yourself.

uh huh

He’s washed up now. Doesn’t run ever. He might have excellent stats but the past few years tell otherwise. Maier is ready.

I strongly believe the game was thrown. Too many plays where a Stamps player didn’t try to tackle down a Roughrider. The famous multiple interceptions in the 2nd half. The 3rd down and 2 and Maier was supposed to run that play. Mitchell stays in and gets sacked.

Well better football men then you or I will decide that

Or could it be the stamps just got good old fashioned out played…nope it was not a blowout but a very very good game. Pretty sad when you believe it is a conspiracy every time your team suffers a close loss or a blow out…just as easy to think huge powers are behind every stamp win by forcing the other teams to throw the game

I believe Mr and Mrs Dickensen threatened to cut Dave out of the will if he didnt let Craig have a win and Dave' s wife threatened to leave because she only married him for the inheritance


You are stupid. Tunnel vision. Go back and watch yesterday’s game and about 5 minutes before Saskatchewan did the short kick, you will see how things play out.
Some people like you have an IQ of a walnut. Pure tunnel vision. This isn’t any conspiracy theory. I watched this gene with eyes wide open. What happened to the BC coach last year? Fired! How about Dave’s brother this year if he would have lost all three games to Calgary? That’s right, on the chopping block!

How about the short kick Calgary did? A pop fly perfectly kicked into a Roughrider arms. Why not try a low rolling kick like Saskatchewan did in the last game? The Roughriders got the ball back on that short winning recovery kick. The last thing you want to do on a short kick is a kick way up in the air, but it was.

Dave and Huff are paying me very well and my new Cadillac arrives next week,

Stamps kicked a very high ball… several stamps where in a position to get under it, but the kick wasn’t quite where it needed to be and the riders recovered the ball … just like what happens on 95% of onside kick attempts


If anything the game was rigged to keep Calgary in it. A time count violation with under three left in the game? When was the last time you saw that where a team loses a down?

Time count is normally 5 yards, but after the 3 minute warning it is loss of down or if it’s 3rd down already it is 10 yards. Been that way since I was a kid in the 80s.

That’s why Fajardo should have known better than to let that clock hit 0.

The riders do have pretty poor clock management skills…

I know. Just making the argument that it was actually the Riders looking to toss the game and it doesn’t happen often where teams take a timecount under 3 mins as normally they call T.O

Fajardo was in cahoots with Dave in the fix. He just did that to make it seem more legit

I'm not writing BLM off as 'done', but I think you play Maier until Bo is healthy again.