Jake Maier should replace Bo Levi Mitchell

Mitchell continues to throw multiple interceptions. I think he is washed up. Dickinson should give Maier starting QB for the rest of the year. He’s confident, and has a very accurate throw.

If the Stamps want to make the Playoffs, this must happen.

Mitchell chokes under pressure. Mitchell doesn’t run, and really never has. Maier likes to run if he has to and has very interesting plays.
The problem is, Mitchell is Dickinson’s pet and it will take Management to make this big change!

what are you trying to get at?

I believe Dickinson and his Pet, Mitchell threw the game to allow his brother, the Saskatchewan coach to win one of the 3 games. I saw many abnormal Stamp activities along with putting Mitchell out when Maier should have gone out for the short play 3rd down and 2 to go and Mitchell was sacked and lost the ball to Sask. not to mention three bad interceptions.

That's preposterous. :roll_eyes:


…epic level conspiracy going on here…

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interesting theory

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A real stupid one at that too.... but real to him I guess, sort of like the Earth is flat too


if the earth was round people in Australia would fall off


If the Earth was flat, cats would have pushed everything off by now


I dont doubt that


Stupid is as, stupid does

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I will just remind CFL fans there is s certain QB who was written off and went on to win the Grey and is probably going to win MOP this year... so remember that before you write off a 2 time MOP and 2 time Grey Cup MVP................. and remember this......even in the worst season of his career Bo Levi still sports a 4-4 record

Agreed the guy used to really good...now he is just good and could be on the downward slide. I would remind you that pro sports has always been what are you doing for me now and never what did you do for me way back then.... Just ask Wally B the as to why he traded players away when it it became apparent they still had a few miles left on the tread. Bo is still good and possibly still very good but throwing 3 piks to a team the stamps and the especially the stamps fans have said was a sub-par team speaks of two things...BO ain't the BO of yesteryear right now, and, the Riders are better than you claim

I never said he was playing well.... yes those picks were terrible, and I trust the coaches to make the right decisions regarding the future of the position for the Calgary Stampeders. I will also remind you that QBs are winning championships and MVP awards into their late 30's and even 40's now. On the topic of the Riders. Is Mr Fajardo meeting your expectations this season? Because expectations were pretty high in Ridernation . It certainly seems doubtful he will win the MOP award so many speculated.

Missing is your assesment of BO the first 4 weeks when he sucked... It was not so much B0 but the lack of a team infront of him those first 4 games... BUT you claim Cody is solely to blame for the riders Ill woes... Again you see things as you want to see them not as they really are...just as BC has woes right now and none of it to do with the QB they have

What? He was injured the 2nd week. He didn't play the first 4 weeks - LOL...... yes all QBs need a good o-line in front of them. Whether you are Bo Levi or Cody Fajardo.

If you assess the stamps with the same stick you measure the rider team then your stamps would suck by your assesments...but you blatantly assess teams with red colored lenses and come to the conclusions you wish to come to not based on reality.

And your assessment of me is through the green colored lenses you are reflecting my friend

I mean projecting

Well yes I fully admit that... But you yourself speak like you are speaking the only true and real facts that matter and that all else is just plain wrong