Jake Lives!!!!

Worst officiated game I've seen since last season.

No specifics.

It was bad against both teams.

No one won because of it. No one lost because of it.

It was just plain brutal and each of those striped guys should be held to some form of CFL accountability.

Hey Guys,

Yeah the officiating was very horrible! I am an amateur football ref in this city and I seen calls from the smoking section that were so obvious, a blind person could of seen. lol. Mr. Bruce and Macniel, they should be suspended for the season, that is dis respectful and I hope the Jackson family saw that and take some re course! A tripping call which should of been called and some questionable calls that should of been not called at all! We are told from day one as a ref, be seen and not heard! I'm sorry but they were heard tonight and frankly should look at this Mickey Mouse Officiating and hopefully correct this!

yes, I'm back.

Whoops, wrong Jake.

Um, how is this Jake Ireland's fault? He is in the "control room" He got the one challenged call on the incomplete pass right ( and for the Cats) Sorry, can't blame Jake tonight. Tom Higgins is in charge of officiating for the CFL

I offered them the use of my white cane but there were no takers...I wonder why?

I'm pretty sure that he wasn't blaming Jake. He was only saying that with or without Jake the officials stink.

I was actually amazed that the challenge was called correctly.

The officials didn't win or lose the game for anyone! They just showed how pathetic they are, particularly the head referee!!

Listened to Mike Hogan on the Fan this morning during his interview with Pete Martin and they both commented on the questionable officiating.

Given specific mention was the trip not called and Argos OL Murphy getting off scott free when it seemed he started the melee (Argos ended up 20 yards to the good and eventually scored).

Also some questionable roughing-the-QB calls against the Cats.

It appears we're going to suffer uneven officiating once again this season (ie, last year, Tony Miles (running his route across the middle) getting wiped out in the open field by an Eskies linebacker... obvious interference (at least illegal contact) but no call)).

The team is struggling enough without getting shafted by the officials.

Those were the two that got to me more than anything else. How can you sack a QB without touching him (which is apparently the only way we weren't going to get a roughing the QB call)?

It's bad enough that we have to sit through the game in the rain and lose, but to see the RIDICULOUS job those refs did makes it almost unbearable.

Did anyone else see the one ref who picked up something off the field take a look at the replay soon as it showed the tripping he turned and ran to the sidelines Interesting they must have done that during the play LMAO