Jake Ireland

Is it just me, or does Jake Ireland's calls always seem to go against the cats?
Does anyone know where he's from?
The league should have an inquiry.

8) Surely you're joking, right ??
 Jake is from Hamilton, in case you didn't know  !!        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

believe it or not I am almost positive he is from Hamilton.

Here's his bio.



So that's why he's so angry all the time lol

The no call on the roughing the kicker was a joke, the no call on the pass interference was a bigger joke.

Jake still being employed is the biggest one of all.

the non-call on the roughing the kicker was the right call, the eskimo partially blocked the kick, that's why it only went like 25 yards.

Year after year Jake STINKS!!!

The bright side is he is looking pretty old and close to retirement.

I didnt see it on the replay and neither did Chris and Suitor... but maybe it went 25 yards because he was rushed.

The ref should make the tipped sign like baseball umps so people know what the actual call was.

I did NOT see any TIP on that Punt ... and that NON Interference call just about cost me a $1000 bucks for a new TV.

Serenity Now ... Serenity Now ... Serenity Now ...

I can't even MUSTER the Strength to COMPLAIN about these Refs any longer. They ARE a JOKE, have ALWAYS been a Joke, and I will RESIGN to belive they will FOREVER be a joke.


Hopefully, Tom Higgins efforts
to improve CFL refs will pay off.

In the meantime, the only smart way
for coaches to deal with them

is to accept that bad calls
will occur each and every game

and instruct their players to expect them
and concentrate on controlling their emotions.

Fans will continue to dispute calls
even if the refereeing became perfect.


On the punt Setta got hit on, Coach Sal
felt it must have been tipped, Crash,

You're right the refs should use
a hand signal like they do in b-ball.

What does that call have to do with Jake?
Jake is in the backfield, he does not make the calls downfield

how did they miss that roughing the kicker?

the guy clearly ran right into setta and knocked him over....he didnt hit the ball....on every punt there is a ref there and all he does is watch the kicker.....so how was it missed???

8) Right !! The official that missed that blatant interference call was #24. He has been screwing the Cats for years and years now, and will continue to do it for many more years to come !!
As far as the contacting the kicker non-call, it was replayed several times, and in no replay did it appear that the ball was partially blocked  !!

Setta was contacted while he was in the air.  Even Cuthbert and Suitor said it definitely should have been a penalty on the play  !!     <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->
Hopefully, Tom Higgins efforts to improve CFL refs will pay off.

In the meantime, the only smart way
for coaches to deal with them

is to accept that bad calls
will occur each and every game

Sad but true. It's just seems a shame that a team needing some good luck and a little momentum has a game potentialy stolen from them by the refs. The botched PI call handed the Eskies at least 3 points and the botched contacting the kicker cost the Cats at least a shot at 3 points. What did we lose by? I would hope that our GM/Pres or Mr Young would fire off a pretty well worded complaint to Mr Higgins.

Although I haven't read the rules, I thought that once a kicker was in the "motion of kicking the ball", he was considered "untouchable" regardless whether the opposing team blocked the punt or not. If touched, it was a penalty. :?

That makes sense.

The punter could get badly injured,
especially, when his punting foot

hasn't touched the ground
after the punt, winched.

Nick is so athlete he kept from falling,
if it was Ozzie he would have been hurt.

And we lose the penalty because of it.

the way J I calls games, Is Consistently good and correct to the intent of the rules, HE Also Consistently Blacks out When Infractions happen on The Ti cats,Apparently His crew have the same inclination,. This has to be addressed by Higgens, Jake and his Crew CANNOT officiate Ti cat Games Without Prejudice, The Videos reply Proof last night vs the EE,S

Jake seems to go harder on us IMO.
He shouldn't be allowed to ref games involving a team (Ti-Cats) from his home area......
Ritire Jake ,we'll all chip in for the cake.