Jake Ireland to Referee every CFL game

Sort of:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/cfl-launches-its-command-centre]http://www.cfl.ca/article/cfl-launches- ... and-centre[/url]

I know the Hamilton posters will be cringing, but Jake's the Replay Official for every game. Nice cushy retirement job I must add.

He wasn't resposible for that terrible call in the Argo-Cat game last week was he? Argo player catches the ball, ticat defenders take him to the ground flat as a pancake on his stomach, 3 seconds later the ball pops out and goes 6 yards up, argo player lands on it ruled fumble. Bellefeuille challenges, ruling stands. WTF? We saw it 1000x on the tigervision, he was down for at least 2 seconds flat as a pancake. Nice HD monitoring and such :thup:

I think the CFL is using the old adage "better to have them mad at us then indifferent". With Jake in command we know there are going to be a lot of angry fans. :wink: Jake has been known to miss the odd call. :slight_smile:

so many people who know zilch about football being mad at Jake Ireland. jee now that's a surprise! :roll:

"The league announced today the lead replay official manning the Command Centre will be Jake Ireland" :?

You don't have to be a head coach or a player in the CFL to see stupid calls. You see, when a player makes contact with a player before the ball is in their hands (presuming the receiver is more than 5 yards out), that's pass interference. The refs seemed to think the Argo defensive backs were little angels because they only seemed to find this fault with us. Even when the defender loses Bauman, pulls him down by the back of the jersey before the ball is anywhere near his hands and no pass interference. Bo Smith puts a finger on an Argo receiver, flags all over the field. Floyd tackles Joseph JUST after he threw the ball, flags fly again. Roughing the passer. We go for a field goal, kick it, argo's tackle Setta and hurt him, no penalty. Good fight refs, maybe you can screw us over on Canada day too, and with the infamous Jake Ireland at the helm of the command center, the Argo's are sure to have a clean game and the ticats should have about 250 penalty yards against them.

obviously refs know there football, i cant take that away from them, but there were some rediculous calls in the wpg - ham game in the first week of pre season... both teams were victim of multiple pass interference calls when the defender hadnt even touch the reciever! maybe its just the angle they saw it from but still it hurts to watch sometimes

Personally, I think we should replace the Officials with on-line voting :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Yes he was Offside
No he was Not.

Should take about ten hours to play a game. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Forget online voting.

CFL should come here immediately after a questionable call.

Because of course, we all seem to know more that the officials do ... or so it seems in threads made after said bad calls. :lol:

They could delay the calls and have a fan vote each week. :expressionless:

I wonder if Jake will wear his uniform in the Control Room. :lol:

If Jake wears a uniform in the control room, it wouldn't be complete without a dunce cap.

Hands down, he is one of the worst officials ever in the CFL.

Yep responsible for that and last nights call in the Esks game where the reciever caught the ball went down on his own UNTOUCHED got up and ran to endzone. Upon challenge Mr. Ireland declared he was down by contact! This is gonna be one heck of a season if these embarrassing calls continue.

The challenge was to find out if the pass was complete or incomplete. The fact that the play was ended by the whistle incorrectly is too bad. The booth could not say, "yeah, the whistle should not have been blown and the receiver should have scored a touchdown, therefore touchdown." Nothing else can happen once the whistle ends the play.

This was taken from TSN's log of the game:

"EDMONTON - (9:40) R. RAY Completed Pass to M. MANN (44 yds), Tackle: J. JOHNSON Edmonton Challenges The Play. Edmonton challenges that the player was down by contact. The play stands."

There was absolutely no doubt that it was a catch, so why would either team challenge that?

If you go back to the game tape the referee announced that the challenge was to see if it was complete or incomplete
Tsn is not always correct :roll: