Jake Ireland should retire / video review

Actually, I think Lion and Rider fans have reached a consensus on the Floyd hit.
It likely wasn't intentionally dirty, but the league should take a look at it as it didn't look good.

The Floyd face mask was a nasty one. He was penalized, but not ejected.
If the league wants to review that one as well, so be it.
I think it is coincidence that Floyd was involved with both, as I am unaware of him having a bad reputation.
I do know the guy was a monster out there.
And I mean that in a good way.


Care to elaborate ?

I looked at the threads on Eskfans and they never even mentioned anything about Floyd's plays in any threads . If anyone should be complaining about it , it should be them instead of us .

For those coming up with this whining garbage once again , besides you so far there has only been civil discussion about it and between Rider and BC fans . No one has whined about anything only discussing stuff that wasn't even brought up by either BC or Esk fans .Why are you trying to steer this into the gutter once again?

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Did you hear me screaming 'IRELAND YOU STINK'. I was pretty bombed by that point.

What the hell is the point of replay if you can't call that conclusive evidence.

I think the league should look at every play that could cause serious injury just to send the message that they are watching everything regardless of intent and/or injuries involved.

Looks like someone is bitter about a couple losses. I guess having a team that is constantly in the playoffs and a contender for so many years then becoming a team that misses the playoffs (probably again this year) has to really suck. Someone start a petition to rename Edmonton as the City of Former Champions and a Mall.

I heard someone screaming that... :smiley:

Gotta ask someone who is...unbiased...where exactly is there any whining from BC fans? Or perhaps cfleskfan is just po'd that his team lost another one, and are out of the playoffs again, and so is trying to start up an argument?

Actually, the boards are relatively peaceful, and the whining at a minimum, especially amongst Lion fans....

I wonder why?

And I'm not a Lion fan, but I hate the 'Smoes. Even so, I wanted the bastards to win (hate them even more because they didn't) and yet I also was yelling, IRELAND, YOU STINK!!

Could you hear me all the way from Regina?

Not bitter at all, just can't understand why there is more whining about a call that had no effect on the outcome than many this year that clearly effected the outcome of a game. Not the least being the botched replay in the Edmonton vs Calgary game. The 3 missed illegal blocks on Dorseys punt return in the Edmonton Toronto game. Both incidents that the league apologised for and which clearly effected the outcome of the game.

I apologize to nobody for supporting my team and complaining when the refs mess up against my team, like Ireland forgetting to blow in the play near the end of the first half yesterday. But give it a rest when the missed call is meaningless to the outcome.

The eventual out come did make it meaningless yes , but how is simply discussing it from the point of view of a botched replay review whining?? Most of these posters are not even lions fans ,so what are you talking about?? And it was not brought up by lions fans so why don't you drop the whining nonsense . In fact the only one coming on here sounding like a whiner is YOU!

Let's face it, video replay was brought in because it was being used in the NFL. We don't have the dozens of camera angles that they do and never will, so video replay is kind of a joke. If you only have a couple of camera angles and no ablility to enhance the video, what's the point? Not very many calls will be overturned as it will be hard to get undisputable evidence. As far as taking it out of the hands of the on-field officials, they are the ones responsible for calling the game, not someone up in a booth.
Personally, I think the CFL just brought in video review to look more "big league". Dosen't work very well, don't need the waste of game time and money.

Jump on the Arius - Sportsmen Bandwagon......Thats three of us that want to do away with replay. :lol:

If a ball is knocked backwards in his hand its a fumble correct?

Referring to incomplete vs. fumble?

Technically, the direction the ball goes is not the determining factor, it is the forward motion of the arm.
But you can bet on close calls, if the ball goes backwards, it influences the call....

Don't we have a singing group as well?

yea row c aint that bad either

Yes we do, I think papa was joining us for that! :wink:

How about getting more cameras for games? Presumably that would provide for the angles problem. Certainly Commonwealth could have another camera cart travel up and down the visitor's side of the field like they have on the Esks's side of the bench, maybe set another one up behind the south endzone where the tailgaters are. Presumably other stadiums could find ways to generate camera space as well.

Jake Ireland has always been an absolutely lousy Ref. In fact in the past, if it weren't for Dave Yule, he would have been the worst, but Dave took those honours hands down.

The best Refs are Glen Johnson and Ken Lazaruk, with Lazaruk being the better of the two - Bud Steen and Frenchie (Prouxl) both $uck.

They should have to be more accountable to the fans and publicly apologize for blatant errors. The league needs to start listening to the fans that we are mad as hell and shouldn't have to take it anymore.

Move replay upstairs.