Jake Ireland should retire / video review

Jake Ireland should retire. Who says he gets to video review his own calls. BC did not fumble tonight. Bye Bye Jake.

no kidding they didn't fumble!

that was so obvious that even a 6yr old boy could have called that one!

Ireland either didn't want his ego bruised or something.

I wouldnt call that conclusive evidence... He is my least favorite ref, but I wouldnt call that conclusive.

No kidding... What did Wally or one Lions say to Jake Ireland? He went on quite a tirade with the fumble call and a facemask penalty and then a no call on the QB fumble c ouple of plays later. I didn't really care as it was a meaningless game and the Lions were winning anyway. Poor ole Jake. My, my. He's losing it and its sad because he has given so much to the CFL.

Yeah he definetley blew it but I think hes still the best head ref in the league.

There were several blown calls, but since we won anyway, it really doesn't matter (unlike certain Rider fans who couldn't let something go).

hwgill were you at the game?

Yes, 43-B-106,107

Sweet. Didnt take you long to get back either.

Those are good seats looked it up.

Nope, to get home to the Peninsula usually takes about 45 minutes, depending on the traffic around the stadium. Tonight was a bit worse because there were over 37,000 at BC Place, and Ozzy was playing across the road at GM Place...so it took an hour to get home.

hwgill: it shouldn't matter if the Lions were winning or not. The integrity of the CFL is at stake here. I have been watching CFL for decades, and honestly, I do not recall the officiating being this inferior, only made worse by some of the challenged reviews. This weekend games should go into case studies of how not to officiate at a game. In one word: BRUTAL!!!


That was conclusive Jman.
Jake has gone from being a brutal ref to being senile as well.

On another issue, I see the Proulx crew botched another ejection yesterday.
I think it might be number 41, whatever his name is that is the culprit....


Here comes the whining!

Sorry wasnt a fumble, video proved it. They should let the TSN commentators be refs at the same time, considering they do a better job. Further proof, Stegalls 'TD' lastnight. BTW, biggest bomber fan ever right here. Refs need to step it up.

Since there are still a number of blown calls being made even with video review, and the fact that most calls aren't overturned anyway, I think it's time to get rid of video review. It would save the league some money and wouldn't waste game time.

Video replay should stay , it should just be taken out of the hands of the on field officials. Even a panel of qualified( read ex-players , maybe Dunnigan and crew for TSN) TV commentators should do the reviewing independently .

It's amazing that even after winning, BC fans are whining. We are in agreement that Ireland stinks as a ref but how come none of you Lions fans are complaining about the 2 Otis Floyd incidents(deliberate attempts to injure) that should have resulted in ejection (the kick to the head and the most brutal face mask I've ever seen) or the 2 ridiculous unsportsmanlike calls, one on each team.

For one notice that there are two threads on this replay and one was started by a Rider fan? And how many rider fans commented on this replay and agree it was a blown review? No whining by BC fans , I even stayed out of it until enough other team's fans had their comment on it and only agreed with them as it was near unanimous that it was a blown call .
As for the Floyd hit , there was no thread on it , but it has been commented on already in the BC forum . Why don't you start a thread on it and then some of us can come on there and call you a whiner?