Jake Ireland good or bad?

Okay thats see what everyone thinks.

Isn't this a little like asking if Bryan Hall is a terrible announcer?

Based on what? Your expert analysis of what constitutes a good ref? How many games have you reffed - or are you just talking about the convenience of Jake Ireland's penalties (or the ones he announces) relative to your mood?

Are you going to cover everything? His out of bounds coverage of the quarterback when the ball is run out of play? His forward progress spots when the quarterback is sacked? His clock management? The quality of his pregame meetings with the rest of his crew? The preventative officiating (talk first, throw a flag second)? His rapport with the coaches and other players? His communication with the minor officials? His positioning during punts? His mechanics on kickoffs? Is he in the right place to make a call on an attempted forward pass that's knocked out of the passer's hand?

Seriously, I can't beleive this question is even being asked and I'm having a harder time believing that I'm responding to it...

For the record, Jake Ireland is evil. He dislikes the elderly, three legged pets, and young children. He steals from the poor, and splits it 50/50 with the rich. He crawls out of bed in the morning and tries to find creative, new ways to make life miserable for the fans all due to his hatred of football -- and since he's retired he has nothing better to do all day.

I had no idea.

Should probably ask his wife.

Sorry but the forum agreed.....NO personal attacks!

You might consider asking

Is the head ref responsible if his crew makes bad calls