Jake and the rest of the "BLIND" fools at the Command Centre.
Should be and need to be fired...
They have all the TV angles, slow mo, reverse vision.. everything.
Yet they still can not make a right call on a challenge.
So I ask why ?
Calling an incomplete pass..on what was a "Glaring Fumble".
There is "NO" reason for a mistake.
There never should be a mistake.
Yet it continue's.
Fire them all..period.

Night game. They were probably drunk out of their minds. Or watching the Jays game instead.

2nd week in a row..these idiots.
No reason for it.
Glen Johnson "HAS" to do something.
If not he has to go as well.

Anyone have a clip. They of course left it out of the game recap, because you know that wasn't a massive play or anything...sigh but anyway didn't get a great look at the game, but not going to lie my first instinct said he never had possession, I need to see it again.

No clip, but he caught it clearly, took at least 2 or 3 steps, and then fumbled. The TSN panel all said it was clearly a fumble, because, well....it was. No argument could be made otherwise once you see it.

While the call on that play was wrong by the on-field crew and wrong, in a different way, by the review crew, it was otherwise a rare night for the officials -- calling only 8 penalties for 65 yds, total for both teams. No PI calls at all. Ottawa's D was not penalized at all. Hamilton was flagged 5 times for 45 yds and Ottawa 3 for 20.

Here is a clip


IMO going from a completed pass to an incomplete pass, ignoring the fumble, is probably a good way to save face all around. From the stands, it looked like a fumble and a quick whistle. Calling it an incomplete pass gives everyone a mulligan, but gives our game a black eye yet again?

As has been said before, CFL football must be a great game to survive all the poor administration and decision making it has had to endure. This season's video replay debacle is just the latest proof.

I thought the on field crew called "not a bad game".
Ok we know they missed the call that Kent challenged.
But at game speed that can happen.
In video review that goes to the Command Centre.
A mistake "should not be possible".
Christ...they have all the angles, slow mo, etc, etc.
There is no reason for this to happen.
Other than total incompetence or bias.
These people need to be held to account.
They make our game look like a JOKE.
And this is one Fan...that is not laughing. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Does it make it worse that Proulx was arguing that it WAS a catch & a fumble?

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/10/15/video-breaking-ticats-loss-redblacls/]http://3downnation.com/2016/10/15/video ... redblacls/[/url]

Command Centre overruled him.

Well you could look at this a few ways...

  1. If the comments by Steve are accurate, boy oh boy.

  2. Question...does the Referee not have authority to over-rule the linesman calls. If so then why didn't Andre over rule the play IF what Steve said about the "2-3 people who said" is accurate

  3. Here is how the video replay both determines the outcome of a play.........

It's time to scrap the challenges, not only does it slow the game down but we can see even with the technology, when there are close calls the decisions can go either way.
The ruling on the field would have stood and the call by the ref was a complete pass and the player down by contact, 1st down Ottawa. Live with the refs decision on the field right or wrong, the game has been called that way until the last couple of years. Keep the reviews on turnovers and scores with the command centre but the coaches challenges have to stop.

Thank god they missed that "helmet to helmet" hit, eh

Why, then, didn't Proulx overrule the call on the field, which he can do? He should have overruled the on field call to be a catch and a fumble, and then the RBs would have had to challenge (they probably wouldn't have because even they would have seen it as a catch).

Sorry Goodday – I just saw your post asking the same question…

  1. Maybe Steve's comments are not accurate
  2. Oh yes...Ottawa would have challenged. They would challenged that it was down by contact which then would have gone to the booth AND then they still would have come back with their "Not a Catch" most likely

Maybe the Command Centre would have called it a RB Touchdown? Would have made as much sense as the call they did make.....

No problems, just replied to your post

I am not 100% sure if the referee can over-rule. I think they can but not sure. I guess if Andre did not change the play call, then he doesn't have the authority. But this is Andre Proulx we are talking about

During Austin's post game, he made a comment that he would not repeat what Andre said to him. Now if Steve Milton's comments are accurate on 3down, is this what Austin is referring to? If that is the case... well let's not go there

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Yep, I saw Austin's interview where he said that. I watched it before the Edwards/Milton video, & it didn't make any sense without the context that Milton added. I'm sure that's exactly what Austin was referring to & that Milton's comments are accurate.