Jake Dolegala signing

VANCOUVER — The quarterback room in Vancouver is starting to take shape.

The BC Lions announced on Wednesday the signing of American free agent quarterback Jake Dolegala to a one-year contract.
Dolegala, 27, joins the Lions after two seasons with the Saskatchewan Roughriders where he was pressed into starting duty for the final nine games after injuries to Trevor Harris and Mason Fine.

Jake Dolegala, the American quarterback, has recently joined the BC Lions after spending two seasons with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. [He signed a **one-year contract. During his time with the Roughriders, he was pressed into starting duty for the final nine games due to injuries to Trevor Harris and Mason Fine. In the 2023 season, he made his first start against the Lions, throwing for a career-high 409 yards in a game against them. His performance will be closely watched as he takes on the role of starting quarterback for the BC Lions. :football::lion:

So I thought he signed a two year deal and he is now the starting QB for BC?
That can not be correct is it or has the starting QB from 2023 left for greener pastures?


Jake is confirmed for BC. He will not be starting. Vernon Adams is still here.

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BC has four QB’s now. Which one is going to get cut do you think?

Probably - no one. Since you now need 3 QB’s dressed for every game, you need to have a 4th in case someone gets hurt…

Seems a lot of Rider fans are not happy to see him go. I agree. I thought that despite everything else he played reasonably well last year. He definitely looked more competent than Fine and he moved the ball well despite not having a running game to speak of.
I think he has skills to be a starter. Not this season, but in a year or two.


I think Saskatchewan moved him because he was “too good”. They didn’t want to ruffle Harris’ feathers.


I think he will be the starter before the season is over and besides he just signed a two year deal unlike Adams who was only signed for one year.

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I think it was a money issue. Like most Rider fans I think Dolegala played well given the circumstances, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he and his new agent were looking for a raise. Considering what was spent in free agency I think O’Day went with the cheaper option – Fine.


our two thoughts are somewhat related. If you’re too good you get more money.


Pretty sure it was a one year deal for Dolegala.

I think Odays decision to keep Fine over Dolegala in light of how well he did
the last 9 games of last season is going to come back to haunt the riders. I would not be surprised if Trevor Harris does not do well and is replaced with Fine that they find a way to trade for Dolegala and bring him back but that is only if he is still backing up Vernon Adams and I believe he may end up replacing Adams anyway at some point. Either way Dolegala has much bigger upside that Harris, Fine and to an extend Vernon Adams.

How many pro QBs are with teams that were 5th or 6th or greater second thoughts… Just about every QB that ever became great :smiley:. On the flip side of that coin more QBs that were sent to the scrap heap got sent there and languished .
Who really knows how this story will pan out.
All I know is that many many fans purport to be the be all end all on who shoulda stayed and who shoulda been turfed. Their track records don’t pan out too well either.