Jake Dolegala dui

Jake dolegala busted for dui ,,,,, riders suspend him a game as well

When is this season from hell over ….


Oh well, when it rains, it pours, boys will be boys.

Sorry to hear that. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

That seems like a very casual dismissal of an incredibly selfish and dangerous act.


yea its just natural boy behaviour to selfishly endanger the lives of innocent people for no reason whatsoever and we should just accept and dismiss it as just being boys. kinda like rape, sexual assault, physical violence, unnecessary aggression, etc. lets teach our boys that this is just natural and accepted boy behavior shall we…

the “boy will be boys” dismissal of poor behaviour is the essence of toxic masculinity.

i suppose you think Trump grabbing her by the pu**y is ok because it's just boys being boys.

also plenty of women drink and drive too. it has nothing to do with gender.


I could understand this 40 years ago. However, we know better now. There is no excuse for this behavior. Time to look for new back up QB

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Waiting for the "innocent until proven guilty" crew to show up...

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He did, on another page. But like Santa Claus, and if you've been good boys and girls, he'll get here. Ho Ho Ho


To be clear atleast on this forum its near 100% of rider fans that are calling Jakes actions irresponsible and stupid

Irresponsible because impared driving can kill

Stupid becuase for 20 bucks ( cab ride ) this should never happen

And bone headed becuse no responsible adult should ever go out for a night of partaking wothout pre planning a safe ride home or couch to zzzzz on

The only time id say wait to judge is when during a stop a cop gives a 24hr suspension and the driver is unable to give a breathalizer ( some woth copd cant ) and the lab results are not in

For everyone else once you blow over only those with fancy lawyers seek loop.hole technicalities to get off ....... butit doenst change thst they were guilty ..... it just means a lawyer found a legal.loop hole in the system to have the charges dropped


In criminal terms he is innocent until proven guilty ... but not certain when the last time was that I recall a DUI being "cancelled" by the cops after the fact.

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Fully agree. Just commenting on one aspect of the ridiculousness of this site.