Jai Alai

now here is a sport that belongs in the Olympics.

Fastest sport in the world they claim. I dunno. The ball may move fast, the players not so much

anyone ever watch a match, game or what ever they call it.

They used to show it on the monitors here at the greyhound track..they probably still do seeing as people bet on it but I have not been there in a while.

I think the only reason it survives is theres some kind of rule that says some of those places can have poker and other things only if they have jai alai so they keep it.

I tried watching it a couple of times on the track monitors but not knowing the rules or without sound it makes it hard to follow along.

I think the olympics needs competition dodge ball (no protective equipment) that would be fun

Paint Ball would be good as well . I actually agree with dodge ball as the kids game
makes a even playing field for the world . You need 2 bouncy balls and a gym .

We called it bomb em at school as there would be a very large amount of kids on either side of the gym plus the ones that were tapped out would move to the end line and could throw the ball from the other side .

Not sure if it is played by anyone anymore but nothing got more kids out to play than that and everyone was involved girls and boys alike .

One thing that always bothers me about the Olympics is the crazy sports with hardly anyone participates in especially one that requires expensive equipment or facilities . The Winter Olympics which I am happy Canada is doing well at has way too many low participatory sports . Who ski jumps or slides down in a bobsled ?
Eddie the eagle and the Jamaican bobsled team made a mockery of the events .
They made a complete joke of the winter olympic sports and Hollywood continued with the joke with movies about the farce .

I want hot dog eating championships in the Olympics, please!