Ja'Gared Davis Traded to Calgary for a 6th Round Pick

Davis negotiated
$132K salary
$15K signing bonus
$5K training camp bonus

Does this mean Calagary is going to the Cup with good luck charm Davis on board??



Well, that explains his suddenly being "injured"prior to the last game.
To me, that’s a surprising trade. I thought of Davis as, likely, being a dressing room leader. I’ve gotta ask – Did the Stamps not have a bag of still-usable balls they could have sent us?


Two words: Salary. Dump.



I’m not disappointed with this.


And we are not going to the Grey Cup?

Didnt Davis report late to Training Camp ?


Seemed like he peaked in the 2021 playoffs. Argos went all in on Orimolade this year (Cats were trying to sign him as well) and let Davis walk. Age? Injuries? Conditioning? Salary? Likely a bit of all of these. They probably figure they can get the same production out of Tre Crawford, Mason Bennett, Kongbo etc for half the salary. I don’t think this makes us better, but from what I’ve seen, probably doesn’t make us any worse at this point anyway. You’d still think we could get a higher pick for him though.

Yes. He was suspended for the first 2 days of camp.


If they wanted to dump salary, they should’ve started with Van Zeyl


CVZ’s passport means a lot.

The Cats are already loaded on the D Line, and Wynn is likely back soon.

This move also opens up more playing time for Kongbo, who should be a starter, imo.


Could “Non-football related,” on the injury report, mean, being kept out of practice while the club puts out feelers?


Doesn’t help if he can’t see the field

You bet - don’t get your asset injured before a possible trade.

NFL cuts will be available soon…with available cash they should be able to sign a player if the guys on the roster don’t work out.

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another idiotic move.

So I guess we throw Davis onto the growing pile of big name FA signings this season that so far have turned out to be a flop .

So far the pile of discards includes…

Ja’Gared Davis played 5 games this year . Largely ineffective , healthy scratch last game . Traded to Calgary .

Kwaku Boateng was supposed to help shore up Canadian depth on the line . Played 0 games spending his time on the IL before being released and then retiring .

Llevi Noel was to add depth to the Can receiving crew and also a key contributor on specials . Retired prior to the opening of training camp .

Chris Osei-Kusi was like Noel supposed to shore up our depth at Canadian receiver and also contribute to specials . Dressed for the first 3 games of the season before being placed on the PR .

Joel Figueroa was signed to anchor our line at the all important LT blindside spot . Started the first 2 games of the season before being placed on the 6 gm IL where he remains as of today .

Bo Levi Mitchell was finally goIng to be our juggernaut at QB . The guy to finally propel us to the promised land . Started first 2 games of season and performed well below expectations . Injured in the 2nd game and 6 gamed since . Rumour is though that he might be ready to go this week in Ottawa .

Honestly I would have to say that as for the rest of our big name FA acquisitions that only a handful have so far worked out .
James Butler , Jameer Thurman , Duke Williams , Chris Edwards (on the field , not so much off of it) and also Fraser Sopik has been solid on specials .

Finally in the still not sure category I would place Casey Sayles , Richard Sindani and to a varying degree Javien Elliott only because in my opinion the entire secondary as a whole has performed poorly for most of the season up to now .


Could argue that some of those were never “big names.”


I think when Howsare left they thought they could replace him with Davis. The way Howsare is playing I can not understand why they didn’t sign him before free agency.