Ja'Gared Davis suspensed

Does anyone know why Davis has been suspended and if it means that he could miss this Friday's game in Montreal

Hopefully it's just a detention and 200 lines.

We can't afford to lose anymore starters like Davis.

Was that the fella who spit in Jake Hartys eyes?

It could be something innocent like needing to go home for a couple days during the 13 day bye week and now must 7 day quarantine upon return.
Hopefully he is back soon!
Until then we will be held in "suspensed"

Is there still a quarantine requirement for Americans who are fully vaccinated?

It appears so

Newly signed OL Travis Vornkahl is in quarentine as we speak and is suspended

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have signed offensive lineman Travis Vornkahl.

He has been added to the suspended list while completing his quarantine period.

The 25-year-old Vornkahl spent time on the Ticats off-season roster earlier this year prior to the start of training camp.

Not for Americans crossing the border, it's proof of vaccination and a neg covid test. But the CFL have their own rules

He was suspended once before in 2018, it was when he was with Calgary, they stated that it was "to attend his daughter's graduation"
Maybe she's getting married now?

The guy is only 30 yrs old . His daughter was probably graduating from kindergarten in 2018 . Flash-forward 3 years later to now and you're thinking that his daughter is getting married ? :rofl:

Okay now she's graduating from junior school............. :grinning:

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He broke protocol during the bye reportably there is articles about it and coach O mentioned it , only was suspended that one game pretty sure