Jade Etienne signs

....the fourth over-all pic in the draft has come to terms with the Bombers....Now let's see what you got kid :thup: ...(i think we've just eclipsed the riders Canadian talent as far as receivers go.....heh heh....Can't wait till Labour Day :thup: :rockin:

papa I'll be very interested to see how this kid pans out. The only real surprise in the draft was Mack taking him where he did, and taking him as opposed to a couple of other, more highly rated receivers. So we'll see how good a judge of talent Mack really is. Should be very interesting.

......very ...very interesting.MJ.......He's a big lanky kid who makes catches in heavy traffic...just the kind of receiver Mack likes....I think those guys in green, would turn a couple of shades of white, if we unearthed another Fantuz :lol:

A lot of things can happen but I believe this guy will be special.
Hoping the Bomber crowd will allow him to grow into his form.

He certainly has tons of potential ,and developed it over a short period.Whether it's this year or later that he can make the jump to pro will be seen in the next few weeks.

After 2 days of rookie camp it's pretty clear that he is a longggggggg term project.

So pigseye I take you've been to rookie camp and found that Etienne isn't CFL ready yet? What stands out to you, his catching, his speed, his route running, what is it that he is lacking?

There's no way to sugar coat it, everything, he looks like a kid who has only played 1 year as a CIS receiver. imo, he is at least 3 years away from even seeing a CFL field.

Having said that though, he's only 21 years old, so maybe the plan is to wait for all that talent to mature? Compare that to a guy like Coehoorn who is 26-ish I believe? That's a big difference in maturity. I guess the Bombers believe this kid will be something special, some day, just not anytime soon. Really dumb-founded on why they looked at him in the first round? At this stage, he's nothing more than a 4th or 5th round pick, at best.

Do you mean as a receiver or any position? I thought the plan was for him to play on ST while being groomed.

Sounds more like you've unearthed another Brock Ralph. :lol: :lol:

.....Jade is 'green' alright but i think we have to cut the kid a little slack....The pressure of him coming from nowhere and being selected fourth over-all can account for some of his 'jitters'...His trip to Wpg. wasn't the best according to him and he's tired.... Excuses????....maybe ..but i'm willing to give the kid a little more time at camp before writing him off...I think patience is going to have to be the order of the day for Etienne....

...Kito Poblah has not reported and i'm a little curious as to what is happening with his signing....This is not a good start for someone trying to make the club...I know the supplemental was just completed recently but Lapo and Mack were in discussions with him and his agent quite awhile ago...I hope he reports soon...otherwise i'm getting a little nervous about our pics and the way things are unfolding :roll:

...talking about Brock ....hasn't he reported to the rider camp yet....i hear you're getting a little thin at ni receiver :lol: Don't let Ralph slip away :lol:

I wonder if we will end up seeing Etienne in Green and White again this year. That being the green and white of the U of S Huskies. I was suprised when he was drafted so high. I'm sure he would be welcomed back by the Huskies. Bombers might appreciate it as well.

I don't know what he would contribute to on special teams? Maybe the hands team on short kicks if anything.

According to reports, a deal is being finalized and he will be here by the weekend.

Nope. There is this other guy that hasn't been used in the past that is going to step in there. You probably haven't heard about him but his name is Jason Clermont. Hasn't done much in the past, just a couple most outstanding Canadians on his resume. :lol: :lol:

...you mean ol folks.....I hear he cramps up a lot lately on the sidelines....I think he's probably leaning more to selling real estate now-a-days ain't he?????Clermont is still good for one over the middle i guess....certainly beats out Ralph....but that ain't saying too much :lol:

Problem with that is Clermont is a SB and I thought he was supposed to help fill the gap from Fantuz leaving. Bagg is a WR. You might need Ralph yet.

Only a couple of reports at the Bombers forum on today's rookie camp but it does seem that Etienne had a MUCH better day today.


Introducing you to newest household name across Canada. :rockin: