Jacques Villeneuve

Listed on the starting grid of the 2022 Daytona 500. Could do very well with the restrictor plate style racing. Wish him well.

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Jeez, he'll be 51 in April if I'm not mistaken.

Villeneuve is awesome. I tell people fairly often that Jerez '97 is the greatest dramatic sporting event ion Canadian history, possibly barring the summit series.

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Starting at the rear, facing tough opponens known by nascar fans such as Kyle Larson, Chase Elliot (in fact every pilots from Hendrick), the Busches or Martin Truex Jr, better not put the bar too high.

But hey, I still hope he will do well. The poor guy only earned 6431$ in 2010, had to rely on the crédit d'impôt pour la solidarité. Glad my taxes were used to help him.


This is why The 'Senior's Formula O (Old) Race Tour' needs to happen.

Formula O Racing

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Jacques started last( 40th place) for 200 lap race
At half way he has moved up 10 places to 30th at 1/2 way (100 laps) :+1:

Shot up to 24th at lap 107
After a pit he is back to 30th
Jacques caught up in crash with 47 laps to go
Jacques still alive on restart 26th, 40 laps to go

…he needs about another ten crashes in the last eight laps and he could do well

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Finished 22nd, pretty good for the old man! :canada:

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Is this person related to Jacques Villeneuve?

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Likely a good pay day and he didn't rip up the car. Did a good job of avoiding trouble.

Look forward to seeing J.V. at Talledega.