Jacques Chapdelaine sues the Als

Crazy stuff being dragged in the media for 12 000 bucks.

https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2018/07/27/jacques-chapdelaine-poursuit-les-alouettes-1 ::slight_smile:

Pay up Wetenhall! >:(


How do you know JC is right?

A year ago the team was playing at a better standing as compared to 2018. This was before Kavis took over and dumped him. It's time the GM paid him fully for this due.

But with out knowing the details of the contract....we don't know what he is or is not being paid

Good luck! He was a good coach in the wrong spot.some of his offense is still being used today by various teams..

Johnny doesn't trust the Wetenhalls.

Fair enough

No matter how you slice it. This is another scar on the Wetenhall's. This is a small league. They sued Popp last year now JC has to sue them to get his money... This will do nothing to endear them to CFL coaches and GM's.

Didn't Popp sue them?

The Wetenhall sued him to return the money he made from the Als while he was working as a "consultant" for the Argos until they signed him as their GM. But that is going on memory.f

Going on memory as well

Seems to me that Popp when signed as GM the Als were no longer obliged to pay his salary....

But he felt that they did still owe him the head coach portion of his salary because he was not working as a head coach

With his contract running until Dec, 15, 2019, the Als seem to be paying his salary or he would have sued for that also.

It's just his housing allowance and health insurance that they stopped. Seems kind of silly.

He is sueing for housing and health insurance, the restis paid because its guaranteed