Jacques Chapdelaine named as interim head coach

according to Gary Lawless.

-Now official.

[url=http://en.montrealalouettes.com/jacques-chapdelaine-named-alouettes-interim-head-coach/]http://en.montrealalouettes.com/jacques ... ead-coach/[/url]

-According to Didier Orméjuste, Jim Popp remains the GM.

-Lawless says Chapdelaine will oversee the offense meaning he would be above Anthony Calvillo.

-Andrew Wettenhall "The Als will commence a comprehensive evaluation process for our permanent head coach beginning in October of this year."

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/popp-steps-down-chapdelaine-named-als-interim-head-coach-1.569696]http://www.tsn.ca/popp-steps-down-chapd ... h-1.569696[/url]

I don`t have a problem with Chapdelaine being named interim Head Coach. But it is kind of delusional to think he (or Bill Belichick for that matter) can lead the team to the playoffs at this stage.

And if the team continues on the same path, does it tarnish Chapdelaine in his competition with Reed and Thorpe for the permanent gig at the end of the season?

I would have let Popp finish the season. Naming Chapdelaine at this time really just relieves some media pressure from the team.

I think you can rest assured that Reed and Thorpe are out as possible contenders for the HC job.

Joey Alfieri ?@joeyalfieri 6m6 minutes ago
Andrew Wetenhall, Jim Popp, Mark Weightman and Jacques Chapdelaine will be available via conference call at 4:15 p.m. ET #Alouettes

Interesting that it is Andrew rather than Bob.

Good news! Who cares about the season in progress? We need to start the look toward the future right now and it's a good sign that they've appointed a guy from an offensive background to the role, someone who can PROPERLY oversee Calvillo (perhaps even call plays?). It also prevents another unit from being destabilized (i.e. Kavis becoming HC would have either left us with a vacancy at STC or forced him to wear both hats).

I appreciate A Wetenhall's statement about starting the search in October. That tells me they know damn well that we're not making the playoffs, and that it's imperative to get out there and find a proper candidate ASAP.

The sad part is that Chap should have been AC's boss ALL ALONG. Oh well. Better late than never.

I really hope Chapdelaine takes control of playcalling.

…Definitely got it right discipline…Jacques will bring Calvillo along until he’s ready…There’s a lot to learn when it comes to taking on the head coaching job of any team and leaning on experience is invaluable…O’Shea, in my opinion was chosen as the Bombers head coach before he was ready…Just now seeing the light of day and is going to be one of the best in the league, now that he has cut his teeth…Looking forward to Anthony and Mike going head to head one day…It will happen. :wink:

I hope so, papa. It was really poor judgment to make AC the OC this season. Chapdelaine should have been the OC from the start.

Anyhow, let's see what happens. Four years of midseason coaching changes is starting to wear on Als fans.

2013: Hawkins fired, Miller demoted
2014: Worman fired in training camp
2015: Higgins and Schonert fired
2016: Popp "fired" from HC role

Sigh. Maybe next year we'll be able to make it through the season without replacing a coach.

Agreed. See what can be done with the players they have now. Let Popp go take care of what he needs to take care of personally and also allow him to focus on being a GM.

As for Kavis. Was never in favor of I’m being the HC.
Glad to hear they will start a proper search sooner rather than later.

Yep. Though one issue that will need to be addressed is receivers coach. Can Chap be HC, oversee the offense, and coach the receivers?

As for Kavis. Was never in favor of I'm being the HC. Glad to hear they will start a proper search sooner rather than later.
Well, it's moot now. I'm fine with Chap in the interim role. I don't know whether he'll be in the mix to become permanent HC in the offseason but Wetenhall's statement suggests that at least they'll interview multiple candidates. That can only be positive.

Jacques Chapdelaine:

"This team has a lot of talent; we have six games left, and we are still in it,'' Chapdelaine said in a statement. "When I was coaching in B.C. in 2011, we made a run like this and ended up winning the Grey Cup. "That's possible for this group of players.''

Andrew Wetenhall:

"Each of our current co-ordinators, as well as Jacques, will be fully vetted as part of this interview process.'' (in the search for a permanent head coach.)

"A head coaching change mid-season is challenging, but Jacques is the right man for the job. Both Jim Popp and (team president) Mark Weightman played vital roles in this decision process, which led to a unanimous selection, and we believe Jacques will catalyze an immediate and positive effect as we try to make the playoffs,'' he added.

Bob Wetenhall:

"Jacques is an excellent football coach. He knows the Xs and Os as well as how to get the most out of his personnel. We have six games left this season and are only two games out of playoff contention. Jacques is the best person to lead an immediate turnaround as we try and make a playoff run. ''

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/cfl/alouettes-jim-popp-chapdelaine-coaches-1.3769043]http://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/cfl/a ... -1.3769043[/url]

It would be to his advantage. If your go n’a fall might S well be on his own terms.

It would be to his advantage. If your go n’a fall might S well be on his own terms.

This Cirque de so'Lame actually makes the Tennessee Corky Regina circus look normal. Almost, not quite!

Wonder how well Kavis & Noah Thorpe are able to hide their disdain!

In reality the most ready-to-ascend assistant in the CFL is in Winnipeg

Name is PLOP

aka Paul LaPolice

Unfortuantely PLOP is NOT a policeman - he went downhill in Winnipeg when his hired enforcer and assistant head coach Richard Harris died in the office. Paul is a very good to excellent coach - he's proven that in almost everything he's done up here. But he's not near a disciplinarian - he'd be scared stiff handling troublesome players like Duron Carter & Rakeem Cato.

I feel this and our struggles on offense are both linked to a lack of foresight and planning ahead. The team did not have a good plan in place to deal with Trestman leaving when they allowed so many teams to poach our best assistants. Every offseason there were rumors of NFL teams contacting Trestman we should’ve spoken to the best of our assistants and explained that the job here will likely soon be theres because Trestman is getting more and more NFL attention but no we just assumed either we’d keep Trestman indefinitely or finding someone like him would be easy.

In the case of the offense it was the same thing of not planning for Calvillo’s retirement. We made no effort to find and train a competent backup that could take over like what we saw a lot of in BC and Calgary. McPherson had potential but the team steadfastly refused to ever let him throw the ball unless Calvillo was injured. Forethought and planning couldve avoided the QB fiasco we have now. We could’ve transitioned from Calvillo to whoever it was that could do the job smoothly but instead we just rode the calvillo gravy train until we had to scramble to find someone competent

-Jacques Chapdelaine said changes (on the offense???) will be made, but would not elaborate.

-Herb Zurkowsky asked whether Jacques Chapdelaine should have been made the OC to begin with. The response was it is easy to be a Monday Morning Quarterback.

-Zurkowsky asked whether Popp was fired or resigned. Answer given was that is just semantics, and the point is everybody involved thought this change was a good idea.

  • Jacques Chapdelaine did not think it was that odd (as a position coach) that he became the HC.

Position coach issue is moot, this isn't Mike Kelly. Chap has tons of OC experience in the CFL and he's been a head coach at the collegial level. This is the right move, the first time I've been able to opine that in a long time, it feels like...

Perhaps Chapdelaine`s first player moves, Als have added to practice roster former Tiger Cat receiver Tiquan Underwood, he of the interesting hairdo. Also Nat. receiver Alex Pierzchalski.

It will also be interesting to see what Chapdelaine does with Crompton.

I like the way they explained the reasoning during the conference call.. pretty straight forward, no BS like similar Habs announcements as a comparable.

  • They have been discussing the change for a few weeks now, felt timing-wise doing so during the bye week would give them the most time to transition.. give Chapdelaine the most time to settled in and make the changes he wants to make.

  • Choosing Chapdelaine making sense to them as he is not only very experienced, but has expertise on the side of the ball that needs help right now.. meanwhile ensuring continuity on D & ST.

The only problem is that the bye week just happened to fall a little too late in the season for this change to give enough time to make the playoffs, even if the change does indeed turn things around for them.
2 of 6 remaining vs. East, 4 vs. the West.. including 2 vs. Calgary.
And even if 1 of TOR/HAM/OTT really falter down the stretch.. you also have to worry about the crossover.

As a sidenote, two things I'm wondering:

  • Popp was saying until just recently that no change was coming, was he condemned to do so until it was officially announced even if he knew it was coming.. or did he just get the call yesterday/today that he was being asked to abandon his coaching duties?
    When Herb asked point blank if Popp resigned or was fired, the answer was that there just wasn't a good answer for that.. but that in the end he simply is no longer the coach

  • The answer to the first question help me understand whether Chapdelaine agreed with moving to Cato and trading Glenn a few weeks back in anticipation of his taking over & wanting to work with Cato going forward.. or whether that was just Popp on his own as a last ditch effort making the QB switch hoping that could turn things around for him. Basically was the coaching change decided before or after that trade.

  • Wondering what his plans are for Carter... on the one hand he is by far your most talented received, even special teams now, on the other hands he is a cancer in the locker room and cost his team 2 losses vs. Ottawa with his stupid disqualification then suspension.