Jacksonville vs New England who wins this game??

Jacksonville vs New England who wins this game??

New England and it's not close. :frowning:

...Go Jags!!

New England advances.

Jacksonville, you got schooled by Belicheck and Brady and looked like students and your d backs plain sucked. Pats deserved this winf so much especially with Gronk out on another dumb d back play by Jax.

Good on Pats, that was cool to see how you toyed with Jax albeit it only came across as toying, that was a decent game for sure. Brady and Belicheck, masters. I wanted Jax to win but they simply got schooled it was actually funny to watch how clinical the Pats came back. Very nice and as I say, I don't like the Pats but have to give full credit where credit is due.

Jax will now know what it will take to win a big one like this one. Not quite yet there.

Well, it was close.

The one positive : Boston and it`s 20% Irish population are celebrating.

Close only counts in horse shoes and hand grendades as they say. Pats to SB. Jacksonville hanging their heads and saying how they got schooled. Whimpering while doing so. I feel sorry for them actually.

1st down - run to the left - 1 yard
1st down - run to the left - 3 yards
1st down - run up the middle - loss of a yard
1st down - run to the left - 2 yards

gee guys, it is first down again. what ever should we do? I know, lets try running to the left for a couple.




so scared of Brady they decide to spend the whole game trying to run down the clock.

Brady won the game before he even stepped on the field

Re : "they decide to spend the whole game trying to run down the clock."

And it almost worked. I thought their game plan was terrific.

If Jacksonville could have avoided their excessive penalties, they would have won.

Yup - Jacksonville were just one or two plays away from winning that game. And they weren't helped by that very marginal interference call against them that helped set up the Pats touchdown just before haalftime.

Patriots literally took that game away from the Jaguars. They walked up and said 'Enough messing around. My turn, gimme that ball now'.

And then schooled them.

What did anyone expect..
The Jags were a last place team last year just turning things around...
Pats ..well top teir vets

4 points and took them to the end to get it.

Gotta give props to the Jags noone expected them to get there or even get to the playoffs a few more tweaks and they can be a very good team.

Interesting, the first one to congratulate Brady was the referee, and the Bills had only one penalty all game... let the conspiracy theory begin... :wink:

I’m sure someone will soon begin stirring that pot, lol.

Even officials are allowed to be impressed by a great athletic team performance.
They’re human. Doesn’t mean they become blind.

I really think that those who slag the Patriots are simply jealous. Nothing more. The team has built something that every club and player should aspire to. And something that us fans should expect more of - from the teams we support.

I agree with your statement about officials... but, congratulating him on the field of play was not the appropriate time to do that...the optics of that are bad... wait until they head off the field, or until all the media and cameras are gone.

it was pretty much a given that Brady would engineer at least 2 4th qtr tds.

you don't try to cost thru the 4th with a 10 point leads against the Pats.

only once during the season did the pats score less than 20 pts

the best way to eat up the clock is to drive down the field. and hey, why not score while you are at it

it was a game plan doomed to fail in the end, no matter how good it looked during most of the game.

and it didn't look good constantly running for 2 yards as if they were not even trying to score much.

If I was that ref and had the chance to be the very first one to congratulate such a victory - I’m taking it. He’s only human. One could argue that the ref demonstrated the highest level of sportsmanship by congratulating immediately on a big victory.

One can spin it any way one wants. I shake hands with fellow golfers at the beginning of a round and then again immediately as soon the last putt drains. It’s very common in sports.

I like how the refs help players up off the field during the games.

If they do it in private and someone takes a picture, people will say deals were being made behind the scenes. I prefer being open.

Either way, the refs can't win.