Jacksonville: NFL Market In Trouble With Very Lame Excuse

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With a super lame awful excuse like that from this Jacksonville delusional homer, as last I checked HDTV is also available everywhere in North America including in all the other NFL markets that are not ailing with attendance with the exception perhaps of Detroit and Miami, I say we can't get that team out of there soon enough and over to LA or somewhere else.

Note also I say that even considering that I am moving to Florida and three NFL teams are great for the state.

Perhaps with all those locals unable to leave their couches at home, Jacksonville has like much of the country even a more serious weight problem than anyone down there wants to disclose too?

All the same if the NFL is really going to strive to improve fan access and the experience, for which I am certainly not going to hold my breath given its track record overall in the regard and heavy-handed tactics, so much for the better whether or not in places like Jacksonville FL.

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Short and long above respectively of the continued woes and just plain "LAME!" in what appears to be the NFL's only failing market now and otherwise the end of the small market expansion experiments for the NFL.

I say the Jacksonville Jaguars are history by the 2017 season after more than likely having moved.

Well now it appears that Goodell wants a team to remain in Jacksonville, though still short of having almost all its games blacked out, plus expand with a team in LA:

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Basically Jacksonville is admitting defeat for next season the way it looks from the comments, so I say still LAME!

BTW don't bother to visit there if you have not been there already. :thdn: