Anyone know why Jackson did not dress for the game. Could it mean he is a lock or is he hurt. I watched him last Sunday and he looked very good. Obie is comparing him to Clermont of the Lions. From what I have read he slipped thru the NFL drafts because Cincy U had him playing many different positions. Scouts wouldn't have locked in on him

Charlie said a lot of the WR are in Minor Pain.
They Make Just Decided not play him for that Reason.

Who's this jackson you speak of?

He's a rookie, and if we go anywhere it's going to depend on this guy. Everyone is high on him and Obie has described him as being exactly like Jason Clermount except faster.

I meant, what’s his first name?

His full name is Earnest Jackson. Just look at the roster..

I don't think our team's fortunes are ever going to ride on a rookie no matter how good he is. But this guy sounds pretty good, so hopefully he lives up to those lofty goals you expect from him.

I think that he was nicked up but that being said if your just nicked up and this is your only shot to make the team was thursday he would of played so expect him to be on the roster come june 26

I'm just saying the way our team is on paper we're going to have to rely on one of these rookie receivers to step up and be a go to guy. If that doesn't happen it will be a long year.

Jackson might be brought along slowly.
Our LOCK for #1 receiver is Miles, so saying that our season depends on a rookie that will not be our #1 is kinda off the charts.
Ponder, Carter, Mitchell, Woods, Rodriguez, and Cohen will have a lot to say on whether Jackson cracks our starting receiving crew to start the year.

^^^^ go to guys are always slot backs, Miles is a wideout and a roleplayer, always has been.

The Moves Miles around .. Slot or WR
so on Some Routes He is the #1 Guy

I was at the practise on Saturday and Earnest wasn't participating in any of the drills.He was on the sideline stretching,and doing all the sort of things you normally see a banged up player doing.He must be hurt.Probably not too serious,but thats just a guess.I hope that helps.

I could be wrong but I dont know why but his name sounds like he would make a good ball player, a name ur going to hear alot!...im tottaly calling it!:stuck_out_tongue: