Jackson starts, but Dickenson's in the wings

Just like the topic says, but check out the article:

Jackson starts, but Dickenson's in the wings - M. Beamish, Vancouver Sun

Especially top of page two with DD's comments regarding post season contemplation. Look's like ol' Gunslinger just may be passing the torch after all...

Let's Go LIONS!!!

YAY Jariuos

It's the right choice even though I'm not a big fan of JJ. JJ is part of the B.C. Lions and that's all that matters. As long as the Lions can get the "W"

Not a bad back-up to have .

I kinda hope that the Leos elect to kick to the Riders should they win the coin toss.
That way it will give JJ the chance to settle down mentally and give the huge crowd a chance to get the first wave of noise out of their system.

Besides there's nothing like being on defence first during a big game to just go out there and get rid of all that nervous energy.

Long Live the Canned Noise!!!