So I guess Ottawa have picked up Triston Jackson and Brett Smith. Glad to hear both are getting another opportunity. Jackson is really a hard worker and I hope he sticks. Perhaps a change of venues will be what Brett needs too.

Good luck to both.

Great to see TJax get another shot...I wasn't sure if he would. Big fan. I thought he has often taken a lot of flack he doesn't deserve...always seemed pretty solid and fairly consistent. only drawback he has...if he was a few inches taller he would likely be an all-star because his size has limited him in coverage at times.

Smith...he needs to add some maturity and learn to process his emotion in a more positive and cooporative manner...perhaps the lump on his butt from his daparture from the Riders will help get him there...guy has the skill for sure but needs to be one with his inner zen in the pocket or something....and he has to drop the wall when he falters and the people that are around him and supposed to be his support system step in. Nice pickup with HB on the 6

Yeah I always liked Triston because of his work ethic and I honestly think he played his hardest on every down. He may still be a Rider if not for the bad rep of last year's D. Still hope things work out for him in Ottawa.

As for Smith I agree and even stated he needed to mature and not lash out in anger. It is one thing to have fire in the belly but seldom does it go well when you sulk or lash out . Perhaps we just put too much pressure on the kid being we were so desperate last year. If the RedBlacks tell him straight out to cool his jets when things don't go well and listen to what the coach says he may be fine. Also not being under a microcope like he was here (or any player for that matter ) and he may relax a bit more. If Ottawa put him in good situations he could gain some confidence and start trusting his teammates also. I think if they use him in certain packages and not put big pressure on him he could turn out to be a very good starter. That I guess though is on him to prove.

Yup...2 qbs down and going 3rd or 4th to number 1 didn't help him for sure......that said dueces was back so the pressure was down and he was the same. Sometimes it takes a spanking like a release to change...

It is like the 3 pack a day smoker that knows how bad it is but does nothing until they get life changing news...we are often an odd species...we see our flaws...we know what needs to be done...we often do nothing until it is reactive

just glad he is getting another go....many don't

I for 1 is happy to see T Jack getting another go, always liked his play and style, and thought it a mistake when they released him, as he was one of a few bright spots last season on the D. as for Smith lets hope he gets on track, he has the makings for a great QB, but needs to slow down and learn...best to both!

[url=http://ottawacitizen.com/sports/football/cfl/redblacks-banged-up-in-secondary?__lsa=87cf-ae2b]http://ottawacitizen.com/sports/footbal ... =87cf-ae2b[/url]
The Redblacks released three players and added one on Tuesday. Gone are OL Randy Beardy (returned to U of Windsor for his final year of CIS football), QB Brett Smith and LB Malik Jackson.
Sounds like they are looking at Brandon Bridge

Also....I have always backed Jackson...but Roosevelt would clearly love to line up against him every game.

Would be surprised if Smith is not an Argo by tomorrow mid-day.