Jackson Bennett now a Running back ??

I was just looking at the now updated roster for T.Camp this weekend and noticed that Jackson Bennett is now listed as a Running Back . Interesting , very interesting indeed . To my knowledge I don’t think he played any at that position while in college at Ottawa . It wouldn’t be the first time though that the team has converted a player to a different position . Examples coming to mind would be such as CO Prime from LB to FB and further back Auggie Berranchea who was also converted to a hybrid TE/FB from LB in the mid 2000’s .

This move might just further cement the notion that the team is considering a ratio change up and going Canadian at the RB position with STE , Irons and Bennett with Kalinic thrown in at FB . Stay tuned…It looks like it’s about to get interesting indeed .


Or, a typo maybe? (RB / DB)

Entirely possible I guess ? :-\Will just have to wait and see when T.Camp opens on the weekend .

The CFL site had a depth chart showing Joel Van Pelt as a right guard behind Ciraco . Van Pelt is a DE/DT from the Calgary Dinos that we drafted last year . He returned to school, so this is truly his rookie year. He played in the EAST West Shrine Game as a DE opposite Betts from Laval . Betts signed with the Bears.

I’m thinking typo for Bennett but “ya never know”.

Pat Lynch (the person of many years)

I was confused by that too. Van Pelt is around 270lbs, way too light for a offensive linemen.

I remember he was a kick returner a bit last year… kinda strange for a LB but shows that he’s pretty versatile.

Just to further this even more if indeed Jackson has been switched over to R.Back . The breakdown and dynamic of the RB competition in Camp will see a total of 7 players listed on the roster consisting of 3 Canadians , 2 Americans and 2 Mexicans .

T . Camp Running Backs


Sean Thomas Erlington
Maleek Irons
Jackson Bennett ??


Cameron Marshall
Ray Lowery III


Omar Cojolum
Luiz Lopez

Thats like Justin Thomas who is a wide receiver now …he used to be a pretty good quarterback according to some youtube videos and statistics i read.

Well, #29 has started training camp, wearing a yellow (offence) jersey, and he’s still listed on the roster as a RB, so I guess there is a plan to have Bennett cross over.

I actually heard or read somewhere that Bennett is indeed being switched to RB. When I saw that on the Ticats roster a couple of days ago, I too wondered if it was a typo. And here I heard some say that he might possibly play at SAM! Guess not but teams often do switch players from one side of the ball to the other if they really like them and their athleticism and feel that they can be successful at a new position. Guess we’ll see. I’d LOVE to see the team go national at RB but I’m sure they’ll go with the best possible player(s) there. They have good depth in their Canadian talent so there’s lots of room for felxibility with the ratio.

My guess is they will scrap the Jackson Bennett to RB project as the arrival of national ratio buster RR Veyl should stop any thoughts of starting a national RB.
Import RB- Can Marshall. Ray Lawry and Mortez Carter are much better than the national group unless Maleek Irons comes out on fire and becomes the next Jon Cornish or Andrew Harris.

I also know the Argos have 4 legit import running backs and it’s very unlikely they will keep Tyrel Sutton and James Wilder.
I would not be surprised to see either one starting for the ticats this year

I think the CFL slotted Van Pelt on the OL because that’s where he was in last year’s camp. There’s a reference to “converting” him in his team bio:


This year, he is shown as a DL on the roster and is wearing a black (defence) jersey.