Jackson a QB coach?


was he not the guy who would basically turn a blind eye to other QBs when they were playing and he was sidelined. Seems odd.

The suspicion is that the Lions are signing him as a coach in case they get in a pinch without an experienced back he can come out of retirement.

Must be a different guy. Jarious is immensely respected, a popular teammate, and possesses great leadership skils. In fact, he was one of our captains when he played here - despite being a back-up!

This is a good hire for Travis Lulay, now that his best friend and confidant Mike Reilly is in Edmonton. He can work with someone who knows the BC system really well - as well as his strengths/weaknesses - and develop the 2 young pivots (DeMarco and Brown) in the system. Not too dissimilar to Maas/Ray.

I just think it's funny that JJ of all people got to retire with back-to-back Grey Cup rings.

As a guy who spent most of his career as a backup I don't think he would have lasted as long as he did with that sort of attitude. I SUPPOSE he may have been upset when he did START and was pulled, but I don't believe he ever had a reputation less than a great team guy.

probably thinking of printers

Well Printers would definitely be the guy to sit and pout (or worse, as demonstrated just prior to his release by BC). Pro athletes tend to have outsized egos, which generally isn’t a problem so long as the size of the ego isn’t bigger than the collective good of the team.