Jackie Parker

Jackie Parker's passing today ends another wonderful CFL era; one of the greatest in professional sports.

Jackie was a triple threat (run, pass and kick) who dod everything exceptionally well. Due to his unique running style the Edmonton media christened him with the moniker, "Spaghetti Legs".

Watching this man play was a very special treat. In his prime, he'd have been more than capable of playing in today's game.

He was fortunate to be on several grey cup winners and the fans of Edmonton were even more fortunate. His team mates all looked up to him as an intelligent, inspirational leader. Some of those team mates are in the hall of fame along with Jackie:
Mormie Kwong (The China Clipper), Johnny Bright, Rollie Miles, and the list goes on.

During the 50s, Edmonton and Montreal met in three consecutive grey cup games, with Edmonton winning them all, thanks largely to Parker's ingenuity.

Since I had the pleasure of seeing this man at his best, I would personally rank him as one of the best ever.

Condolences to his family and to the Edmonton fans who loved him so dearly.

Too bad he didn't live long enough to see himself names as one the all-time top 50 CFLers. I hope he knew that though. The list will just be a formality.

An Argo fan

A special athlete that defined an era....

Jackie Parker, without a doubt, was the greatest all-around player in CFL history. From playing at running back, quarterback, defensive back and even placekicker, he did it all on the CFL gridiron. A CFL legend he was.

I agree. Also returned kicks--1960 Grey Cup almost scored on a KO return. Also on D was often more of a rover between LB and DB, e.g. 1954 Grey Cup. Was blitzing Etcheverry, picked up a fumble/lateral and returned for the winning TD.

One of the Greatest Men I Have Ever Met ..

He will be Sadly Missed..