Jack Todd Pokes Larry Smith

In today's Gazette, Jack Todd handed out a complete slapdown on Larry Smith. It's one of the nastiest pieces I've seen in a while. Can Larry be that inept and selfish?

Looking after Larry: Larry Smith has always been too slick by half. He had a blind eye for nepotism and conflict-of-interest, negotiated his way into the Alouettes presidency while acting as the supposedly disinterested commissioner of the CFL.

Smith proved while he was publisher of The Gazette that he couldn't administer Drunk Night at the Frat House - but he could sell sand to a camel. He sold this town on the Alouettes and he sold this province on football.

Smith would fit right in with Stephen Harper's bunch, but the party might regret it if they ask him to run.

Given a chance to belly up to the public trough, Smith won't say no - and his blind spots could be his undoing. "

And since when is selling football in Quebec like selling sand to a camel? Were we sold a “bill of goods”. Not in my opinion.

Ces commentaires désobligeants pour Smith viendraient-ils du fait qu'il semble tenté par le Parti Réformiste?

Si Smith était aussi corrompu et arriviste, pourquoi dénoncer maintenant ce qu'il a fait il y a 16 ans? Ça ressemble à du salissage intentionné.

Une chose est certaine, dans l'ensemble de son oeuvre, Smith a fait du bon travail pour les Alouettes et du bon travail pour le football québécois. Peut-être n'était-il plus l'homme de la situation, et ça demeure au propriétaire d'en juger, mais dans l'ensemble, il a fait du bon travail.

Larry Who?

Jack Todd worked with Smith at The Gazette, his opinion is fair, don't have to agree with the guy but he knows Smith on a professional level where we know him as a football fan.

I know lots of people professionally who are useless or worse but I would never stoop to writing that sort of tripe and declaring it publicly. It says as much about Todd as it does about Smith.

Agreed, Jesse! We're not exactly blessed with great football reporters, are we? Just look at how they "gush" over the Canadiens! When a reporter writes such diatribe, it often smacks of some unresolved run-ins or other confrontations that we will never know about. Mind you, I'm not saying that Smith was an angel and was a 100% success on all fronts. There were probably isssues in the front office as well. Nonetheless, this article was a scathing rebuke.

Smith did assist in promoting the game to francophones. That, without a doubt, is an investment in the future of football in Montreal and in the province of Quebec. Look at the success of both Laval and U de M - both programmes were jokes not so many years ago. Now, they are competing at the top levels and are attracting talented players. Further, there are more and more French Canadians playing pro football on CFL teams; a few even tried out for NFL teams - unheard of years ago! I am not naive enough to say that the CFL will ever rival the NHL in popularity, but interest in football has been growing steadily, which, I submit, will keep fans coming out to cheer the Als for years to come. Smith was definitely part of that.