Jack Todd on Sportsnight 360

Anybody see Jack Todd on Sportsnight 360 today
They were talking about Matthiews and he big beef is that the lockerroom is closed after practice.

Mitch Melnick said it best
The fans want a good team on the field and thats all that counts

Who cares about Matthews' dealings with the press? What we (fans) care about are winners. By the way, I (I read the french and english papers in Montreal) I think that the Montréal press is bad (there I go, I'll probably be banned). especially the french press. Have you read Bertrand Raymond (Journal de MTL) and rejean Tremblay (La Presse)? These two idiots are always scraping the dung from the crap... They are both bad guys. They write their columns, get rich off them, and they know very little about sports. Hey Don, I don'T agree with a lot of the things you do (benching Almondo Curry in 2005, starting two rookie corners in the 2003 Grey Cup), but I agree that the MTL press can suck...