Jack-rabbits and Groundhogs???

Just wondering??does anybody know if that crazy rabbit who got on the field is available to sign as a free agent(LOL)he had so awesome crazy moves and also got in the endzone on several occasions. :lol: Also I was thinking maybe a change of names might help our chances,I was thinking along the lines of maybe changing it from Ti-Cats to Groundhogs,we could see if Bill Murray is available to be honourary coach,because lately it seems like every game is like groundhog day, :wink: :slight_smile: :smiley: :rockin:

Does the squirrel at IWS count as a non-import?

That jack-rabbit sure had some great moves. No-one would have caught him. Too bad we could not have got the ball to him.

My cousin who lives in Calgary, was at that game, and unfortunitly the rabbit is not available.
AND WHEN WE PLAY CALGARY AGAIN !!! I don't want to lose the humilation was unbarable.