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As pass-orientated as the Canadian Football League is, there’s no escaping the fact that an effective ground attack is the key to consistent offensive success. Next to an air-tight offensive line, a running game capable of ripping off five yards on first down is a pivot’s best friend.

The Alouettes’ roster is stacked with productive running backs more than capable of setting the offence up with reasonable down and distance situations – probably my favourite aspect of the Als’ current group of backs is their diversity of styles.

Aussi orienté sur la passe que peut être la Ligue Canadienne de Football, d’aucune façon on ne peut négliger le fait que l’attaque au sol est la clé du succès d’une ligne offensive. À côté d’une passe par les airs par la ligne offensive, une course qui est capable de faire avancer l’équipe de cinq verges lors d’un premier essai peut être décisive.

L’alignement des Alouettes est rempli de porteurs de ballon qui savent placer l’offense dans une position avantageuse – la diversité de leur style est probablement mon aspect préféré du groupe de demis actuels des Alouettes.

I believed all along last season, that the Alouettes were tremendously underachieving. With that group of players with that much talent, there is no reason why the team should of finished with a losing record.

Maybe, with an actual Head Coach with experience, the players will take this season seriously.


I also beleive that the 2007 Als underacheived. The talent on the roster was great. But, the head coach (inadvertently, cause I still believe Popp wanted the team to do well…) caused a few problems…

But, “Jadealouetttes” seems to be trying to start discussions on the Als… I am not saying we should diss her, but; look at her posts. She looks and sounds like a person who is paid to start,and implement discusiions on the Als board

Jade is an American fan who has a weekly blog on the Alouettes site. He loves the team, and rarely do I disagree with his opinions.

Thanks, Ryooon, but I’m not jadealouettes. I just happen to be the writer whose column the person posted about. Actually, they misspelled my name in the post title!

The Als have been connecting discussion threads to the columns posted on the website. The Als’ web editor did it a couple of times, and so has jadealouettes. I think they are trying to drum up conversation on the board.

I really appreciate you guys reading my column, though, and I’m grateful for your commentary.

[quote=“jbedell”] Actually, they misspelled my name in the post title!

Wasn’t me :wink: