Ja,Gared ,,Tiger Cats

Does anyone know if Ja,Gared has signed or will sign for the Cats,,dont know why he,s being so quiet,he should just lets us know where he,s going to sign,,found out that J.D,, is in Hamilton,,

Not yet and leaning towards playing for the Argonauts next year....

Word on the street is the argos offered 230k and the ticats are willing to match but hes still leaning towards the argos. Bold career choice

Cats did match that offer,,Probably went higher too,,J.D still not saying anything,,

We should join this guy and all go down to the stadium tomorrow to convince JaGared to re sign.

If 15 of us go we'll outnumber the Argos season ticket base.


Davis should be our number 1 priority as he is simply irreplaceable.
He should inspired by our signing of ex stamps teamate Micah Johnson.
J guess this means we are not bringing Laurent back. I hope it doesnt mean davis isnt coming back

Any ideas of free agents that could replace davis and without laurent where would an extra national start ?

An all national oline ? Adeleke at halfback ans stavros at safety ?

We could sign natiinal DE Mathiew Betts with Mason Bennett and go national at on DE and drop Howsare if Davis signs and if Davis doesnt sign maybe go after Cordero Law

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Alas too many questions at this point and not enough answers .

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Reminds me of the two guys who hung out on a billboard on Main or King St. for a couple days in the ‘90s when the team was in danger of folding.

Maybe we can send Ja’ Gared some great take out meals for the next few days. Tell him Toronto women don’t truly appreciate bald men with large beards? Set up a GoFundMe Re-Sign JG Davis slush fund page? I’m running low on ideas, help me out here.


Lalji hasn't been wrong yet.
Hope this is a first cause this is a gut punch.

Farhan Lalji probably has access to the league database where teams uploads newly signed contracts. That is why he is always 100% correct and how I suspect Justin Dunk knows all the monetary details of player contracts.

Well Davis can't sign with Toronto so at this point it's just a verbal confirmation.

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Cancel the slush fund.
Hard to blame the team on this one. Maybe Pinball just worked the charm and he liked the idea of being pursued. If he goes over to the Argos for similar money I predict he’ll be one of the most hated since O’Shea.

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Hard to imagine that Stein and Washington would/could let him get away.

Steins fingerprints all over this offseason. Remember, he's El Presidente.


Both teams potentially offering the same in terms of hard money, but possible the Argos are offering him more bonuses/incentives as part of the deal.

We’ll find out soon enough.

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Some of those bonuses might be offset by playoff money. I think the Cats have a better chance of getting to the Cup than the Argos.

If Davis was offered the same money but still wants to go to the Argos then it's his loss. Hamilton has a better fanbase, stadium and culture.


"C'mon Hervey (pokes stick) do some influence".

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Respected assistants leaving for no reason and losing top talent within the division... I figured it would take Stein at least 3-4 years to start resembling Austin.

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In addition to posting contracts, teams notify the league when they release a player. In this case, Farhan Lalji probably did not see the actual contract. Instead maybe he saw documentation filed by Hamilton that they released Davis early, which to Lalji means that Toronto has won the recruiting battle.

I think Ja’Gared is intrigued by the fact that playing for TOR means he can break all the COVID protocols he wants and not have to miss a game.


BOOM! Yeah, I said it.