J.T. Realmuto vs Trudeau

Unvaccinated players (4 of them from Philadelphia) standing up against vaccine mandates
Will skip playing in TO instead

"I'm not going to let Canada tell me what I do and don't put in my body for a little bit of money," Realmuto said. "It's just not worth it."

Great news
Stay home pal. Does everyone ever notice how we hear about poor vaccination rates in the US. Data even on second vaccinations show some states as low as 46%. Compare that with Canada when that's not far off how many haven't taken their 3 dose ! So many Americans say taking Covid vaccines violates their freedoms.
Looking at the Covid death rate per capita in the U S as compared to Canada tells me that those freedoms have jumped up and bitten them in the butt ! And if anyone doubts that the once worldwide admired U S A is now being scorned by the rest of the world and that the country isn't in full free fall politically and their hugely flawed 1st Amendment hasn't been paying attention for the last six years. I spent over ten winters there and watched even my close friends change dramatically.
So sad for the once America the Beautiful.


The Land of Free-dumb. Even my American relatives see it plain as day.


Time to get rid of all the mandates and over wrought BS over only one risk .

The Perth emergency department shut down due to covid .

So we have people off with the sniffles because of the off chance someone with one foot in the grave gets covid from them and sacrifices all the people that may need emergency services .

Someone with common sense needs to get ahold of this bullshit and end the crazy shit .

How many people are dying due to no medical care because of one issue that trumps all others .

Enough it enough all risks and all health issues are equal . If your afraid of covid stay in your bunker let everyone else live their lives and get adequate medical care .

You need to live with it .

Oh I want to add all these people have three and four shots that work in the hospital .


Trudeau has really turned this country into a laughing stock. Flying has become a nightmare. You still have to wear those ridiculous face diapers on airplanes even though they are serving food and drink. And he still peddles a vaccine mandate when it's obvious it's doing nothing to slow down any covid transmission.

The guy's a disgrace.. easily the worst PM of my lifetime


The most hated PM in my lifetime . Boris leaves office in the UK over a covid party and being a huge hypocrite yet we are stuck with this guy when he has committed numerous legal , ethic and moral offences .

The man has damaged Canada for decades to come .


Sorry, folks. We all know where this type of thread leads.