Played his best game of the season IMO.His coverage was pretty tight all night long.

Yup for sure, even my wife picked this up and mentioned it and usually she wouldn't pick up that much about defence except sacks type of thing.

Tisdale and Shivers both took a lot of heat early in the season ( and last year too for Tisdale). They have certainly stepped up their game.

I think the secondary might be starting to come together a little bit, Dennis is becoming one of my favourites. And now we're seeing how good our Defence can be when those guys play well. Only 25 points allowed in the last two games.

Can't recall if it wasTisdale or Shivers that laid that sweet block on the lineman coming out of the backfield after catching a pass ... we were giving it to Van Zeyl pretty good after the game noting that a DB essentially ended his season.

The Argo offence is so one dimensional that they have to rely on "trick plays" to move the ball ... Ticats and Argos are two teams going in opposite directions IMHO.

He has taken a beating on here, so it's nice to see him recognized for the great game he had.

Dennis, Tisdale and Shivers all played very well. Great to see.

Lemon threw for 300 Yards
We just did not give up any points
I'd rather see more 2 and outs
Do this with Montreal and we'll lose

It was Shivers. Nice to see him go over to talk to the guy when he was being worked on.

Totally agree. I don't think I once went "Nooooooooooo" about any of the DBs. Bradley even made some tackles, wrapping up the receiver rather than firing himself at the guy's feet.

Shivers has improved and the Secondary as a unit is looking better. I don't know what happened to Bradley or how serious so bringing Bo Smith back is probably a smart thing. Heyward deserves his shot too.

I heard he dislocated his shoulder, so im guessing he will be a no go this week.

I'm cheering my ass off for the Cats, but it is the epitomy of classless to "give it to a player" when he is injured.

8) How very right you are "Coachjd51" .

Can't we just buy a pylon at Canadian tire for $25 instead of signing one for $40,000+?
Probably be easier on the cap the first way....

How do we know that Shivers was "giving it to him'? He could have been checking that he was not hurt seriously or wishing him good luck.

According to the original post, it was a group of fans, not Shivers, who were "giving it to" Van Zeyl. The look on Shivers' face when he was talking to Van Zeyl was more concern. As Shivers played for the Argos last year, he would have known him fairly well and probably felt bad for the guy. Injuries happen in football, but I suspect that very few players want to be the cause of one, at least not a serious one.

As for the reaction from these fans, I hope it was just good-natured ribbing and not malicious in any way.

this is true