J.PAlmer @ Practice this morning

Well well well, looks like Jesse Palmer agent called J.Popp because he was at practice this morning.

I don't have a lot of details, but Chris from Go Al's Go site will post the info once he come back from practice on the Go Al's Go site.

AC , Nealon Greene & Marcus Brady, and now Palmer....we'll see who gets to stay & who gets cut !

Now that Jesse Palmer is with the Als some new possibilities emerge.Green has been a wasshout to date with the Als in that almost every pass he has thrown has been intercepted.Brady could not make second string with Hamilton and was a flop with Toronto.Jesse started some games with the Giants in the NFL and was a legitimate high draft choice in the NFL.Jesse is younger than Calvillo and could develop,in time,to be a first string QB as Calvillo has to be on the downside of his football life.I hope the Als give him a good contract that enables him to remain with the Als long enough to develop into a first string QB.

Well, seeing how the front office has been since Don Matthews became head coach, I would say that most likely, Jesse Palmer would be the one to be cut...

lol Ryoon.

Seriously man, we MUST cut Greene. And fast. He can't keep wearing the #2 tag when he plays this horrible.

Or maybe his purpose is to show us Calvillo isn't doing THAT bad after all. Who knows...

As per Radio-Canada, he signed a 10 day practice roster contract.

T&T is right Cut Greene, we traded him for Curry, which is not even with Sask anymore.


J.Palmer - Clipboard holder...he's used to it :wink:

I don't see Palmer as a "savior" for us, we'll see !

Totally agree......keep Brady, release Greene. Greene's actually starting to make me nostalgic for Ted White...........

Who knows, maybe after a year or two of tutoring under Calvillo, Palmer could blossom into a bona fide CFL QB, just as Cavlillo did tutoring under Ham (and remember, AC was brutal in Las Vegas and Hamilton before spending time behind Ham in Montreal).

I see Brady and Palmer fighting for playing time in 2009. Calvillo will retire after the 2008 grey cup in Montreal.

Hate to be a guy to rain on the parade, but I don't see a lot of promise in Palmer. Whenever I watched him, he was usually dropping back and staying in the pocket. I can't help but feel he will wash out in the CFL
Meanwhile, does anyone know the status of Dave Mudge? The offensive line can use all the help it can get.

I say get rid of Greene.
Palmer might not be too bad in the cfl.
Dont forget he is Canadian and our game is not new to him

I agree with ro1313 at this point anyone is better then Greene. As for Mudge I beleive he is out for the season.

Mudge had surgery for a torn pectoral muscle, and as per the doctor after the surgery, he was out for the season, unless some kind of "miracle ala Jason Clermont happens".

I talked to him after the last game, and if it was up-to-him, he would be on the field ! He hates it seeing the team struggle without him being able to give them a hand.

re-and remember, AC was brutal in Las Vegas - he was,? i recall he was darn good, thats why Ticats signed him.

ya he was brutal
44% complt 13 TD 15 ints
In ham 44 ints 42 td and 56% compt

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get rid of Greene
Brady is our #2 (and good at it too)
Palmer #3

Then next year, Ottawa will pick Palmer from us in the Expansion draft :smiley:

Nealon will be traded to Winnipeg for a pack of cigarettes and guitar picks for the resident rocker Troy Westwood. I disagree placing Brady at #2. I don't think The Don will do that either, palmer will be #2, and start in two years after AC is done. Palmer is better than Brady. A non-import QB? That's what every CFL team dreams for. There is no way Don will let him go, the Als will release Brady next season too. Will the Als think of getting Groulx(sp) from Laval ?

Maybe I missed read, how do I interpret your post: trading Nealon for Westwood ? We have Duval, better IMHO than Westwood.

Palmer non-import QB, not even sure he would count in the ratio because the 3 QB'S are not included in ratio...but he's Canadian, and that might attract more coverage from media which might result in more viewership !

As for Groulx from Laval, if the Al's pick him up, I certainly hope he doesn't do the same thing as Mathieu Bertrand did when the Al's drafted him in 2003 !

What happened with Bertrand, is it something like Lindros did with the Quebec Nordiques?

No. Bertrand would have played for Montreal. But when he got out of school, he wanted to remain a QB. The Als wanted to play him as a linebacker. So Bertrand did not show up for training camp. Upon his release, he went to see other clubs to get a QB job. No one wanted him as such, but Maciocia, then Eskimos offensive coordinator, told him "I really want you as a fullback, but I am willing to give you a shot at QB."

Bertrand went to Edmonton's training camp, tried at QB for a couple of days, and then got to practice as a fullback when it was clear he would not get the QB job. He stayed because it was his last option. I think he enjoys it now.

Last year, when Ray was down south and Maas was injured, Bertrand was dressed as a back-up QB for one or two games, but he did not have a rep.

Who knows, Jim Popp sure likes his Defensive Tackles. Maybe Nealon will be traded for another one!! :o

Thx for the info on Bertrand Third an ten.

Imagine a french canadian as starting QB for the Al's he would be a God like Patrick Roy and Theodore were.