J.P Bekasiak

Just wanted to mention how great a job J.P's done this year. This is a guy who was almost destroyed by a bunch of moron coach in Hamilton and this year, as a rotation guy managed 17 tackle , 5 sacks, 1 FF and 1 interception. The work this guy put in save his career is very inspiring. Congrats to JP, the Als coaching staff for their part in this as well.

Indeed. J.P. has really come along nicely this year. He's stood out in positive ways despite playing in rotation. Could we finally have the every-down NI lineman we've been missing since Ed Philion called it quits? Can't wait to see how he progresses next season!

Bekasiak had a great game and was certainly the most improved Alouette this season, and he does it without kissing anyone.
Also thought Woodruff played a great game, and this is how Popp keeps the Als ship moving - with developing Canadian talent.

Bekasiak continue de montrer de belles choses, et notamment cette belle poursuite de Lemon où il l'a empêché de le passer hors l'aile pour faire le premier jeu. Belle mobilité pour un gros bonhomme comme lui, même si Lemon n'est pas exactement une gazelle.

JP definitely deserves all kudos for a tremendous year!!! Great player.
Wilson and McElveen weren't too shabby either in my opinion.
Now go out there and find us another Canadian just like JP for next year!!

I wanna back up that comment about Woodruff. He's been playing great, blocking Calvillo and making holes for Cobourne. He's drawn very few penalties, too. I can see him being with the Als for a long time.

Andrew did a great job, and he showed maturity and team spririt on the way up.

Our protection problems went away when Andrew took over at the guard position and Brodeur at centre.

Woodruff IMO is right up there with Boyd as rookie of the year. They likely won't give it to a linesman but he would be deserving. I know Scott Flory is up for free agency but it would be great if we could keep this line together for a bit :slight_smile:

Scott Flory is going into his option year and not free agency. None of our offensive linemen is going into free agency.Paul Lambert could be released,but all others will/should be back.


Good news!!

J.P Bekasiak is probably the latest of a big coup from Popp, he was a high draft pick for Hamilton, until like you said fudge up this talent.
In Popp we trust.

On va voir ce que Matte peut donner.

I think props for Bekasiak have to go to Marcel Desjardins also. He was the one who drafted him in the 1st round when he was Hamilton`s GM, and I would assume he had a say in the Als signing him.