J.P. Bekasiak

Did we give up on Bekasiak too soon?
The guy was a consensus first-rounder at DT, didn't play all that much last year, and this year we try to convert him to o-line?

I'll admit I don't always notice the intricacies of the line play. Was he always getting blowed up when he was in there? Couldn't we have more patience and develop him at his natural position? He'd certainly help the ratio if he turned into a starter, which is what you want your first round picks to become.
Or is he just going to turn into another wasted draft pick?

I agree. Put him in. For some reason, the Cats have hid Bekasiak on the IR for two years now, but he's got to be better than most of the O-Linemen we have in there now, even if he is still a little unpolished. ANYBODY would be.

I think we did give up on him too soon because we thought we had better talent there. I was a little surprised by the decision, but I probably shouldn't have been.

JP gained 20-25 pounds to make the switch. I don't know how easy it will be for him to lose that and if he doesn't if it will hinder his play on D

Funny, didn't "we" also think we had pretty good talent on the o-line? And yet we moved him there.